How to store/display all the things…?

Inspired by the nice cases here…what is everyone’s favourite way of storing keyboards, switches and keycaps? I’m particularly wondering about how to make it both practical but nice looking as I’m reorganising my study this summer :blush:

I’m liking the look of the IKEA pegboard that I’ve seen floating on the interwebs, but also thinking of building my own wall shelf (famous last words…).

I think I’d like to have at least some switches visible, as well as the keyboards, or perhaps a couple of favourites…(I’ll be up to about 6 keyboards by the end of the summer, I think :upside_down_face:)

Hit me with your design ideas :star_struck:


I’ve designed some 3D printable stands that I think work really well if you want to visibly display a collection. Along with some other mechanical keyboard related accoutrements.


Ha, I’m actually the the process of this for my switch collection; aiming to have a short wall more or less covered with switch jars. I enjoy displaying all the brightly-colored bits of plastic, so I’ve been using glass mason jars. 12oz ones will hold ~90 switches, 14oz ones should hold ~110.

As for keebs themselves I have a handful of different cases and bags - my favorite might be CannonKeys’, but the one I use the most is a basic sleeve called the Fat 12; my handful of prebuilts, “lites”, and other similar boards live in those - all of which I have hanging-out on a bookshelf for the time being.

I have a few on stands not too unlike @Extra_Fox’s, mostly beige and brown ones in my beige and brown den.


Wow, nice! Makes me wish I had a 3D printer (or access to someone with a printer…)

Also found this keycap shelf

What a great idea!


Intriguing- looking forward to the result!

I wanted to make a bigger version of the IKEA Lustigt shelf with form plywood to display the switch jars and store some little things

Might still go the pegboard route (also for non-keyboard stuff) in the first instance - who knows if I can pull off a decent looking shelf??? :wink:

I don’t really have a favourite way to store either keyboards or switches. I just choose whatever is the most practical (and yes, that means it ain’t nice looking).

Here’s the keyboard side of things… if they have a box, they go on this shelf:

…and here’s the switches side of things:

I find these to the most practical way to store my collection, but it definitely isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing to look at. Looking forward to see how others have done theirs though!

As a side note, the colours of this one reminds me of the asexual flag. Probably just a design coincidence though.


That is an impressive collection! And also well organised!

I’ve just written little cards for my switch boxes so I remember what’s inside and where I got them from :wink:

Re:colours - nice pickup I hadn’t noticed. I was just glad it wasn’t white or black. A meaningful colour combo? Even better!

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I found this drawer insert for my IKEA Expedit/Kallax shelves, which ain’t super pretty, but I think I can hide it behind a door…the small drawers should work perfectly for two two-layer keycap trays (the flimsy cheap kind), and the bigger drawers can hold…you know…stuff :wink:

And then these great doors to hide it all…

Giving all the shipping times, this will be a multi-months project and only deal with keycaps and tools, as well as general study stuff behind the doors.

Edit: I’ve found a 3d printing service in town - maybe I’ll get a quote for a Kallax insert with drawers…then I can have colours :joy:

Next up: pegboard plans :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Turns out I may have access to a variety of 3D printers through work :star_struck: not that I know what to do with them, but I may start with your keyboard stand @Extra_Fox ! That looks doable once I had my induction :nerd_face:

I had a look at the printable Skadis pegboard accessories…it blows my mind what people have come up with - amazing!

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i would throw money for this in existing keycap colorways (e.g. Hyperfuse, Vaporwave, etc.)


Kind of looks like PBTfans Purpolch.

I just use bags and bags inside bags. Bags all the way down as one might say.

Takes up less space than boxes and I get to enjoy revisiting my bad purchase decisions every time I need something to keep spending nerfed.


Also reminds me of this thing.


I’m gonna pretend I know what that is. A Nintendo Console?

Gen Z thinking noises

Only my entire gaming identity as a teen. Heck, my entire electronic life at that time, besides my multi-load CD player and dual tape deck.



One more random thing that matches this color theme; the coffee cups in our crusty break room:


This is probably what nobody is looking for, but here it is anyway:

You can now store your switches inside of switches!!

Plus points for aesthetics I suppose.


These stands are fairly new to the market, but look great. I haven’t used them yet, but one will be shipping with my MGA V3 (hopefully within a month or two), and I can speak more to their quality then. I do trust that if mujimanic from Sneekbox is selling something he designed, he has confidence in it being a good product.


My SNES was a prized possession. I would have been rocking my SONY CFS-930 Sports Boombox at the time as well :rofl:



The Walkmans in that line were something else too. I had plenty of lust for one of those long ago.