HuB - a keycap profile coming soon

Hello Keebtalkers!

I have been working on this project behind the scenes for a while. I really like the HuB profile and thought it would be good to get some sets made so that a broader audience could try it and see if there is demand to go even bigger with it. I put together a set of blanks that would cover preonic, planck and most 40% keyboards.

I went ahead and purchase prototyping molds and will run 250 sets in white and 250 in black. The molds are nearly complete, we are just doing some fine tuning at this point.

I expect to be shipping sets out in the next 2 months. I currently have early bird pricing in effect and will increase the price once I receive the caps in hand.

This may be the only run of HuB.

If there is good reception of the profile and demand for it I would like to expand to cover a broader range of keyboards. This prototype run is done in ABS for ease during this phase but production level molds would be done for PBT to enable the option of dye-subbing legends.

pre-order here


the Trash Man


Can you describe the profile a bit more? How does it compare to other profiles, what sets it apart?

Pretty keen to check it out.

It’s kind of a mix of cherry and DSA. It’s like a milder DSS

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I think it’s really cool that you went ahead and did this, even tho the kickstarter failed (afaik?).

that is correct. we needed to probably investigate doing some prototyping stuff before launching the kickstarter. It was a bit too ambitious and there was a lot of misinformation from the manufacturer we were working with.

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Yolo I joined. Was in for the kickstarter back in the day, always seemed interesting. Appreciate the 6.25 spacebar.


Bought a white set.

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Am… Am I dreaming?

Buying a set now. Welcome back, Vanman.


Thank you :slight_smile:


Good to see you back, Evan!

I see the white caps there; do you have a shot of the black caps as well? Trying to make up my mind…

These look really interesting and I’d pick up a set but I don’t have any 40% boards in need of keycaps. Would you consider doing a really basic 60% kit, if not now, later?

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I will post a photo of the black

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I’m excited to hear you’re still developing this! Preordered!

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I’ve got some early samples in black but they aren’t representative of the caps so I’ve been hesitant to post them. I do have some samples arriving tomorrow that are done in black and will post those when they arrive. Thanks for your patience

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thank you!


Thanks for the samples @evangs ! I appreciate your efforts to get the quality you’re after. I really like the look of the white, and I wonder if the black might make a nice accent. Would it be possible to make a mixed kit (e.g. white alphas with black mods? Perhaps with the option of a black or white spacebar kit?)

Maybe in the future. For this first run I’m limiting the variables to keep it as simple as possible. I bet someone would be willing to trade caps.

I’m so happy to get a second crack at trying these after the initial introduction. Can’t wait to try them out!


Friendly reminder that HuB early bird ends when I receive the caps in hand. Production has officially begun and I expect to receive caps in a couple weeks. I’ll be posting on reddit soon. Currently there is a little over 200 of each color left. The spacebars mix with lots of other profiles pretty decently.