[IC] 660C-X: A custom MX compatible PCB for your FC660C aftermarket case

I am very sorry to say that I’ve just let this project fall by the wayside. I started down this road when I had a lot of downtime and as it got closer to a reality my work picked back up. With how busy I’ve been and two toddlers at home, my free time has become extremely limited. I would still very much like to get this done but the last time I checked in with my manufacturers the prices were too high to make this possible, I am just not in the position to take on an extra project that might lose me money right now.

I will check back in with the manus to see if pricing has changed at all but from what I’ve heard lately, everything is still on short supply and prices are still a little nutty.

Again, sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve just been at a standstill with this project.


I was contacted by the creators of the Ingot66 to see if this could be compatible with their case as well. That interaction has got me to start looking at this thing again. I am having some modifications done to the plate to accommodate burger mounting and also testing to see if this could work with the Ingot66 as well. I will be reaching out to the PCB manu this week to get a new quote.


woop woop :partying_face:

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heya, it’s been awhile since I checked this out. How’s the project going?

after waiting for this so long , I wont be getting my hopes up on you finishing this project.

since you wont share you files and help the community out, im working on one myself and starting from scratch .