[IC] After-School 1992 (90s/vaporwave DSS Keyset)

Did I hear DSS? This just got much more interesting than it was a minute ago LOL

@pixelpusher how would you rate the DSS against GMK/MT3/KAT? I mainly use those 3 profiles now on Topre (blame @Norbauer) :expressionless:

I don’t have KAT so I cannot make a comparison. DSS is not near as scoopy as MT3, but the angles feel similar on some rows. It feels most like DSA but the bottom three rows are more comfortable to type on for me. I especially like the home row and space bar profiles. It doesn’t feel like GMK at all.

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More on-theme things:


Why did the '90s have to go away?


All good things come to end unfortunately my friend… :cry:

It’s like Harvey Dent always said…

“You either live in denial that the '90s ended or your lucid enough to hate that they’re over.”


The profile is similar to GMK, which is my favorite. I haven’t tried KAT, I like SA okay and really wanted to love MT3 but just don’t. I’m liking DSS a lot so far.


I want to go rollerblading in this video.


I’m excited to see this in DSS. The only grievance I have is that it’s such a thin profile, but a thin profile with a great sculpt is better than a thick one with a bad sculpt. I hope it makes DSS more accessible and pushes it to be a mainstream (maybe even cloneable? wink wink nudge nudge) profile that’s not going the way of G20.

Saw Top Clack’s stream on the dss profile. Apparently the tops are rather rough? Might be a turn off for some I guess.

DSS Would be fine as long as it has all the compatibility needed for popular enthusiast layouts (HHKB, 65%, 96)

With their current kits there is no r3 nav keys outside of buying the ergodox kit, and the 1.5u back space is marked as r1 (could be an error, have not heard if mismarked) For 96, 1u R1 Delete, Pg dn, end are missing.

The r3 nav keys issue could be solved simply by moving those keys into the core set, but on the others, I’ll discuss with SP and see what I can find out.


I don’t miss the nineties whatsoever, I find these colors nearly offensive. Great idea for a keyset tho!

haha. I appreciate the candor!

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From Melissa at SP:

Some of these were oversights by us (we are making the corrections now and will have them available soon).

So long as the molds exist for the keys (by molds I don’t mean legends), then we can make them in the desired row


well that’s some darn good news!

Love this

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so, when can these start production? Thanks :grimacing: