[IC] Aquaria Keyboard (Pictures of prototype available now)

Luminescent Keyboard: Designed in collaboration with Tesletron

Pictures of one of the prototypes from the shop

Case Features:

  • Top Mounted

  • Brass weight and possibly aluminum

  • Plate options are aluminum or brass

  • 7 degree angle

  • Colors are still being decided. But there is a shop in my area that offers Black, red, yellow, blue, grey, and clear anodizing.

  • With the purchase of an acrylic plate you are entered to win another Aquaria keyboard that will come with brass weight, brass plate, and jellyfish engraved if wanted by the winner.

  • I will not provide pcbs to reduce cost.

  • The board will no longer be made in the US due to prices.

  • Ended up buying 2 prototypes from different shops to get the best quality.


Price for the board will be $320 which includes top and bottom housing, brass weight, alu plate, and anodizing cost. Getting the jellyfish engraved will cost $50 more.

Since I am new to KeebTalk I have to wait a little while before posting more pictures.


Can’t wait! This design is great, imo. On a side note: Name sounds a little too close to the Lumina. :thinking:

I really like the design, especially the slope on bottom back.

I finally decided that I want to change it. I’m going to be making a competition for a new name. The winner will get a free upgrade of aluminum plate to brass with there order.


Oh nice! That’s a really fun idea. :+1:

My suggestion for a new name would be Aurelia, also know as Moon Jellies, which would also be a nice subtle tie in to the old name/concept. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion, will keep that one in mind.

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Medusozoa is another option. (Latin name for Jellyfish)

Fluorescent (reference to the Green Fluorescent Protein, and other related proteins that are very important to molecular biology and were first discovered in jellyfish)

Dang, the names keep getting better. I’ll write this one down.

Keeby McKeebface

A bit more serious suggestion: Septigrade Seafarer
Refers to the 7° angle, and seafarer is a rather oblique reference to the jellyfish < Portuguese man-o’-war (the type of jellyfish) < man-o’-war (the type of boat) < seafarer (anyone or anything that travels the oceans)

edit: might be rather unwieldy to say and type though, so maybe not the best idea

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That slope on the back looks amazing, but I feel that it would cause some rocking if there is pressure on the top of the board.

I’d argue the board will be heavy enough to counteract that. And let’s be honest, nobody is typing on the forehead of the board. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh have I been doing it wrong the whole time?!

Or doing it RIGHT, and the rest of us are just behind the curve (pun intended).

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I guess if you look the top row is above the feet, so even if you hit the esc key with enough force and anger to waken the old gods, it still wouldn’t rock around at all.

We actually thought about that. The previous design had the weight a little more to the top of the case so we brought it down and made the weight bigger to prevent it from tilting.

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How about


The winner will be decided in a couple days.

Also the name of a pretty cool game

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