IC: Bay Area Mechanical Keyboard Meetup (NorCal) - November 2018

UPDATE TO AVOID CONFUSION: rather than reading this thread, I recommend jumping over to Huey’s official meet-up thread, which now has the final date and venue info. :slight_smile:
— Sincerly,@norbauer

Hello friends,

It’s getting closer now to November, which is when we had the Bay Area Mechanical Keyboard Meetup last year.

Last year I was able to have a great event thanks to so many wonderful individuals and sponsors. This year I also want to create an amazing meetup.

I want to do this meetup in November like last year, and right now I’m trying to decide between 3 dates which I’d love if everyone here could help me with.

  • November 3rd 2018
  • November 10th 2018
  • Nevember 17th 2018

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I don’t want the meetup to be during Thanksgiving weekend since many will be with family or close friends during that time. I figured somewhere around early to mid November would be great before the crazy holiday rush.

I’m still working on securing a venue and sponsors for the meetup, but I feel pretty enthusiastic this year. Last year we had over 450 attendees and this year I’m hoping we can grow even bigger.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please leave them below. I’ll be updating this post as more information rolls in.

Thank you


Any of the above

the earlier the better? maybe

Nothing is really in my schedule for any of these dates, so I would be open to all 3 of em

I feel betrayed

This is truly the darkest timeline :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay area meetup hype! \o/


Down for all of the above. Thanks Huey!

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Was there really? It didn’t seem like that many we’re in the space…

Definitely in! Should be able to pay for the flight with airline miles alone, and I should also be free on all of those dates you named, so I’ll be there.

Yup! It was pretty awesome with that many people. There were people who came in and out, but we had at least that many unique check ins which was really awesome.

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@Manofinterests I’m really looking forward to this, but please don’t do it the weekend of November 17th. That’s the same weekend as DesignerCon in LA. Last year’s meetup happened the same weekend as DesignerCon also and I had to run out of the meetup early to catch a plane down to DesignerCon. My friend and local vendor @Clackeys also wasn’t able to make it to the meetup last year because he goes to DesignerCon as well, but I know he really wants to come to the NorCal meetup too!


ANYTHING but November 10th :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for organizing this!

NorCal was awesome last year. My vote is on November 3rd. :slight_smile: The earlier the better.


(Looking at the responses, poll probably should have been checkboxes instead …)

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I think there’s a major event going on in SoCal on each of these weekends (Blizzcon, DesignerCon, Rubycon) so there will be super sad people no matter what weekend the meetup falls on.

EDIT: and I agree with @cerement that the poll should be checkboxes, since people who say “all dates work” might just pick a date at random and sway your results negatively.

Definitely not the 17th please, I already have some family travel planned for that weekend. 3rd or 10th. Decide sooner than later so I can plan accordingly!

November 3rd definitely is winning by a long shot!

@mgsickler It’s winning the poll, but I think that’s just because it’s listed first and many people voting probably don’t really care what day it is. Hopefully the reddit post will link to a google form with checkboxes for the dates.

I don’t think that’s the entire reason why it’s winning. Reading through the comments it seems people would rather have it earlier and definitely not the 17th.

I certainly misspoke by saying “just” but with only a handful of people in the thread, it’s hard to know why 27 people voted for the 3rd. I do believe that forcing people to pick 1 option hurts the data though.