[IC] [CLOSED] Alix 40 - Made in Tokyo

Wow, this is absolutely beautiful. And I love the layout too – Alice meets Planck is right up my alley. I have a few keysets I really love as ortho kits only, and they would be really great on something like this.

I was also wondering about the combination of plateless and hotswap – you’ll probably be able to remove switches just by tugging on the keycaps. I feel like having a solder option for the PCB would be a good idea! (I’d probably get a solder version.)

Finally, I wanted to ask whether there was any chance of having metal threaded inserts for the screws. I’d hate to strip the threads on such a beautiful case, and I’m always anxious about that with acrylic/PC!


I second the desire for metal threaded inserts, especially on a $550 kit.

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I REALLY love the gradients, so unique !

Love the color and the design! My only concern is that 2u row 4 keycaps are hard to find lol.

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Looks lovely, out of my price range right now, but I love the gradient on it and the fact they will be hand crafted by local artisans. Keep up the great designs!

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im also interested in how stable it would be as a plateless hotswap board, does it use kailh hs sockets?. you say the pcb is bluetooth compatible, does that mean you need to source a battery yourself or does it come with everything you need? can you upload some pictures of it plugged in so we can see the rgb underglow on both colors? are there rubber feet on the board? will the shock absorbers only be in purple? kind of doesnt match the colors. also is the black swirl on white design already finalized? im not a huge fan.

super excited!


The creativity, craftsmanship, and use of local artisans (rather than the same one shop in China where 95% all enthusiast keyboards are made), ugh, it just makes me so happy to see this. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I could never type on a layout like this but I might just get one anyway because I love it so much.


I think you have way more interest here than just your 40. Bring up a 65-75+ and we have a deal. Take ALLLLL my money. :heart::heart::heart:

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Thank you - that means a lot! Exactly that on moving stuff out of Shenzhen, want to give each object a sense of place through local specialty skills… and working with craft in a contemporary way vs traditional.


This one first! But yes!

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I’ll get some photos together ASAP. Hotswap but with PCB mount holes. Won’t support every switch but it’s been good and stable so far.

Shock absorbers will be switched to black. Won’t ship with LiPo and will have to source your own, but designed for ones you can find on adafruit etc.

Yes to rubber feet!

Swirl pattern isn’t finalized. I like it, but maybe can do a poll on it.


Definitely jumping in! I really can’t wait to see this happening soon!
Few things that I have been wondering:
What’s the dimension of the LiPo battery compartment? What’s the maximum battery size (mAh) that will fit into the compartment? Where’s the on/off switch button to activate the wireless BT functionality? What does the button/switch look like? Colored button? :wink:
Since the board is transluscent, I really don’t mind colored shock absorbers or, better yet, there are several silicon rubber colors to choose from.

thanks so much for the info, any info on what lipo battery is needed and the details on how bt is activated would be great. i’m definitely joining the gb if i can!

Excited for this, going to keep an eye out for that GB info!

This is fantastic! I loved the BTS video. I super duper want it! The orange with some tangerines :drooling_face:

Beautiful. A solder PCB option would be appreciated. I’ve had PCB holes and/ or switch pegs wear out and come loose. I’d hate for the lifespan of this board to be limited by that.

Fantastic board! Will the PCB be QMK and VIA compatible?

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Big fan of the swirl design on the PCB. Would definitely want a solderable PCB option, though.

Agree, swirl design is very nice, but I would also be interested in a more symmetrical screenprint, since the board is so symmetrical itself. (A poll on pcb designs would be nice, but if you just say “nah I’m using this one” that’s fair too!)

Oh man, this keyboard looks so good! Will there be sound tests / assembly videos coming out soon? :smiley: