[IC] Dave's QMK, USB-C fc660c controller

Hey folks,

I’m looking to get a couple of @Dave’s fc660 controllers made, figured I’d check if any others would like to help fill out my order from JLC.

What: Dave’s fc660 controller. A modified HASU controller with USB-C, extra pins broken out, a plug for RGB control, and custom footprint for RGB mod. I’m thinking purple solder mask, but am open to feedback.

When: I’m currently waiting for some substitute 20-pin connectors to come in so I can confirm they are compatible. If it all works on time, I expect to place an order in the first or second week of December.

Price: As of today, it’s looking to be $30ish, not including the cost of shipping from me to you. With any luck, conservatively I would have them to you by the end of January (hopefully sooner, depending on the holiday mess).

What I need from you: Just drop a line here if you’re interested. I’m just trying to get a rough head count for my order. I can then reach out and verify details when I’m ready to order.

Happy to answer any questions you may have.

As always, many, many thanks to @Dave for sharing his work with us.



These are really great and make adding RGB backlighting so easy. Highly recommended.



I live in the UK and am certainly interested in one or two copies of Dave’s FC660C controller. Have a case that I’ve been itching to light up.

Happy to register my interest!

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Did you have to widen the Heavy-6 USB cutout to accommodate the USB-C port?

Put me down as a most likely.

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Yes, but it was really easy with a small, round file. You can buy whole sets of them for less than $10 usually.

Okay cool. And no issues with cracking or anything? I know PC is less likely to crack than Acrylic, but it still freaks me out.

It was a tight fit, but I managed to use USB-C in the H6 without modifying the cutout. Ymmv. But it should be fine to file down, just take small bites and it’ll go quickly.

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No, no cracking. Just go slow, no power tools needed or advised.

fwiw my experience

Heavy 6 Polycarb (I did NOT have to modify the opening)

Not sure about the metal version, I do not have one. Try sticking a usb-c cable in the usb hole to see if it fits.

Leopold Stock case: Required slight filing


Excellent, I’d definitely be interested in one of these, thanks.

The opening on mine needed just a touch of widening. I’d take a picture, but getting the NetDot plug out of there is a PITA.

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Excellent. I have you, @cmoore1, and @fatalruin down. After I confirm part compatibility I’ll reach out.


I’m in for one as well.

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I would be interested - just want to know how the rgb works since the original board doesn’t have any. We have to solder them or something? (No idea how that can work)

It takes a little soldering, just for the connector. The LEDs themselves come with sticky / tape back and you can just peel and stick.

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Parts confirmed to work. PCB order placed, will update when arrived and ready to ship out. Expect new year conservatively.