[IC] EnjoyPBT Extended 2048


R3 1.75u Fn keycap added:

R4 1u Layers keycap added:


Love it! :slight_smile:
I’ll take a base + nomad kit.


I’m so excited for this one. I’ll be in for a base and nomad. Btw @biip I absolutely love DSA milkshake, it’s on my daily driver :grinning:


Glad to hear that :pray:


Count me in. Looks fantastic.


Yes, thank you. I am one of those who like 2x 2u spacebars and with QMK, I use the hell out of them. Will also be dropping money on this set. Excited too.


Yea im gonna put this on both my home and work setup. So im in


very nice. I like it. I would definitely buy it.
A dark version would be welcomed too.


Nostalgia gets me every time. i’m in!


Nice set! Please ADD PT-Pt to the international add on. ThkU!


What does this look like?


Renders on TGR-910

and Jane 2 with novelties row


Looks soooo good. Any way you could convince Mr. Oblotzky to do a render of these on the Modern M0110 kb? That thing was made for these keycaps.


Any estimates on when this GB will start and the keycaps ship?


The samples got a bit delayed.
So mid-April!

There are many ways to convince him :smirk:


Thoughts on this ergo kit?


Compatibility update on the ergo kit:

2.25u and 2.75u (blanks) spacebars won’t be convex :


How do you decide which spacebars are convex?
I need a 2.0u and a 2.75u spacebar - now only one of them will be convex… :confused:


I don’t choose. The manufacturer does sadly.
Miscommunication issue, sorry.


6u spacebar removed from base kit and new kit added.