[IC] EnjoyPBT Extended 2048

What will the pricing be on this one? Looks sick and will most certainly join the gb.

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Will there be a matching desk mat? I would take 2 of those as well

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That’s not planed at this moment.

Have you seen any of ePBT’s spacebar warping issues? I think KBD Fans was working on a new spacebar mold. Might be worth looking into.

In addition to the keyset, there will be a switch Group Buy!

Blank switch

  • Tactile, 62g (bottom-out).
  • Same base as the T1 one from KBDFans (similar to Holy Panda)
  • Colours are the same as the ones used for Extended 2048.
  • MOQ of 25k

more info coming soon™.


Loving all these themed switch group buys lately!


I dig it! All the legends match up with their equivalents on the regular layout right?

Hey! What do you mean?

This gb can’t come soon enough.


Good Lord!! If my wallet allows, this will be my color theme for my upcoming manuform.

Edit: is the keycap profile already decided, what is it?

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I have sad news: I’ll have to throw the Ergo kit away, because most of the 1.5u molds aren’t available, unfortunately…

Oh, sorry to hear that. Will that affect the 1.5u keys for the regular sets?

Nope, don’t worry!
Basically, 1.5u R1 and R3 are unavailable.

Intl kit updated.


Any ideea if this keyset will hit the Novatouch housings like GMK keysets do ?

Another update due to molds issues…

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from what I’ve experienced with ePBT, the profile is exactly like GMK and has the same issues. This is just what I know from caps hitting north facing LEDs though, not specifically stabilizer housings on RF boards.

Dawned on me that I have a novatouch and ePBT caps, lol. Yes, it hits.

So, what happened to the Nomad kit? Which key got axed?