[IC] EnjoyPBT Extended 2048


After putting this design on hold for a while I finally present you EPBT Extended 2048!
Heavily inspired by the AEKII, the main idea was to create an icon based keyset with a neo-retro look, inspired by old Apple keyboards. I wanted to have something with a minimalistic but intuitive look, which explains the icons mods!

I took time to re-think the kits, get rid of the useless stuff and basically made it simpler.
The original IC can be found here

Group Buy should start end march through KBDFans and CandyKeys (For EU only).
Pricing will come really soon!

I’m also actually working on a prototype.

by the handsome @Oblotzky

Rama M60-A

Jane 2

Rama M65-A






Base kit,
which covers from TKL to 60% layouts

Calc kit
Le numpad.

Nomad kit,
which covers everything below 60%

Icono kit
Novelties, basically.

Intl kit,
aka NorDeUk kit.

Six Pack
6u spacebars.

Nav Kit
Arrows for VIM, HHKB and Poker users

GB will run from April 19th to May 19th!
On KBDFans and Candykeys

Base Kit - 78€ / $75
Calc Kit - 16€ / $15
Icono Kit - 19€ / $18
Intl Kit - 19€ / $18
Nomad Kit - 19€ / $18
Six Pack - 8€ / $5
Torii Kit - 14€ / $12.5
Nav Kit - 8€ / $5



so hot! sign me up for this!

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I really like this, great work @biip! I think it definitely meets your design ideals, minimal with just enough flair from the all icon mods! Shame ePBT doesn’t have molds with ALPS stems as this would make a killer ALPS set, but we’d be getting very niche there anyways. I don’t want to promise anything as I’ve dropped way more than I should on KB stuff this past month, but if my funds allow for it when this is in GB I’d love to grab a set! :metal:


I will buy this.

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Really excited for this. Happy that ePBT is doing it. They’ve been doing some good stuff lately.


Would probably buy this if i hadn’t jumped on the katakana set from the key company with italic legends. that’s similar in having an aek vibe.

What color have you decided on (for the keycaps themselves)? I saw you were considering different shades of white/off-white in the previous IC.

Warm white which will be confirmed soon™ with IRL reference.

This is awesome! I’ll definitely jump on this when it hits GB.

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I love this

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I am so excited for this. Really hoping the ortho kit works out. I need this on a walnut case/brass plate Planck. So clean.

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This is fab!
Two questions and one request:

  1. Do you have color samples?
  2. Why put the legends in the top right corner instead of the bottom left like the AEK?


There is ortho support via one of the kits

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  1. Soon.
  2. Because the goal here is not to replicate or recreate the AEK design.
  3. I already planned to:
  • add R3 1.25 Enter -> Nomad kit
  • add R4 1u Enter -> Nomad kit
  • make a spacebars kit, for people who don’t need all the modifiers but just a split spacebar.
  • work on an Ergo kit if there is enough interest. If I do so, I want it to have icons mods tho.


  • Command Icon (⌘) is now the default Super legend. It replaces the circle icon in the base kit.
  • R3 1.25u and R4 1u Enter keys added into the Nomad kit
  • Icono kit slightly reworked and coffee mug icon added (suggestion from a nice guy)
  • I decided to keep the spacebars in the Nomad kit for now. We will see how the pricing is and maybe change stuff at that time.


This looks great!

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This set looks awesome! And the board compatibility (at least for me) is great.

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I have to second the comment about compatibility, thank for for keeping ortho in mind. You’re going to get three kits out of me for it.

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I’m still wondering if I should add another 2u spacebar or not.
But yeah if you have any other suggestion for the Nomad kit, feel free to tell me :slight_smile:

Although I personally don’t use 2 x 2U spacebars, I can tell you that there is a good number of people in the 40% community who do. It might mean the world to a handful of individuals.

Other than that, the compatibility works perfectly for my setup.
Really excited to get the chance to put some money behind this!