[IC] EnjoyPBT Extended 2048


This is probably a long shot, but is there any chance of a set of Alps mount caps as well? I have a bunch of AEK sets I want to use ortho but don’t have the mods for them.

It would just be great to have replacement caps for all the bare AEKs in the wild, or just to have a set of PBT Alps mount caps at all.


GB thread


Oh bother, I just realized there’s no R2 pipe backslash key for Atomic/Ortho WhiteFox. :frowning:

Should have said something about it sooner.


Joined the buy via candykeys. Will be a killer set for sure!


I rather wish I’d kept checking the kit coverage during IC phase as I’m afraid the compatibility isn’t there.

Why aren’t there normal R4 arrows in the nav kit? Why are the arrows only in the base kit? Is it too late to get arrows? As an ortho user, I have to buy the Base kit for four keys. :frowning:


Hiraganas alphas were not initially planed. That’s the main issue.
And yeah, it’s now too late to make some kits changes sadly. Sorry if that’s a deal breaker!


Can’t believe I didn’t see this started. In for base+icono+six.


Finally joined the GB, and took most of the kits! Not sure what I’ll build yet but it will look awesome!