[IC] GMK Bentō


Biip, I think I found the case on which I will put your keycaps.

Maze by Percent studios.

On which color do you think it would look the best ?


Any opinion ?

Any updates on the GB ?


I would choose the navy one (second one) since the first looks a bit too pinkish :slight_smile:


Hey everyone!
Here are the two keycaps we will offer with Rama during the GB of GMK Bentō which starts the January 28th :slight_smile:

Aluminium anodized with white enamel fill:

Hand mirror polished PVD Brass:


Very Nice, I am in for a aluminium pink one. We will be able to get the rama key on the EU proxy candykeys right ?

Any news about the nano bento and the deskpad ? Will they be available with the drop ?


Rama keycaps and deskmats will be available on the 4 vendors store during the GB of the GMK set.
I need confirmation for the Nano Bento, I’ll confirm it as soon as possible !


Did you have samples made for this GB?


GMK doesn’t, apparently, provide color sample during the IC phase, but they sent me a RAL box in order to allow me to chose the most accurately the colors for GMK Bentō. So I’m confident about that, colors will match the renders :wink:

I’m also waiting for the GMK renders, to be sure that the novelties are well centered, with a good aspect ratio.
I should received that pretty soon!


Okay great! With all the inaccurate colors in GB’s from 2018 it has made me take a look at keycap GBs a bit more closely.


Two weeks left before the start of the GB :eyes:


Two weeks!? I better start selling!


GB starts tomorrow!

Some potato pics of the deskmats samples (I just ordered new ones :slightly_smiling_face: the salmon red wasn’t accurate and there were some contrast issues on the dark ones):

Also, render of the Kobe kit on a TGR 910 (thanks @Oblotzky)

Thanks you all for the support and the incredible feedbacks. You made this happen :+1:


I’m loving that last render! I gotta get myself a kobe kit :smiley:


oof i’m sold on the kobe kit for sure. I can’t wait to buy the set!