[IC] GMK Bentō

GMK Bentō, inspired by the Japanese culture, and the iconic/typical home-packed meal called ‘Bento (弁当)’.
I thought that this ‘object’ would be interesting to work with since it has a relatively simple and geometrical design. That’s also the spirit I wanted to have with the novelties, something clean and easily understandable but also stylized.

I wished to make something like that for a long time but I also wanted to keep it simple, that’s why I will only offer a base kit which offers some novelties and spacebars kit!
However, I might consider a Kobe kit :wink:

I discussed a bit with Rama and we’ll also offer one (or 2) anodised aluminium keycap(s): renders coming soon™.
I will also try to offer a deskmat with the banner design.

Feel free to let me know what do you think in the comments :slight_smile:

Thanks to @Oblotzky and @janglad for the renders <3


U80-A by Rama Works

Andromeda by Oblotzky

M60-A by Rama Works


Initial Mockup

Rama Keycap (WIP)

Aluminium anodised (PMS 178 C) with white enamel fill keycap

Hand mirror polished PVD Brass keycap


Salmon red anodized aluminium with white enamel fill.

Group Buy thread


  • January 28th to February 28th.

How much?

  • Base kit 145€ / $150 TBC (@MOQ 250)
  • Spacebars kit 23€ / $28 TBC (@MOQ 150)
  • Kobe kit 70€ / $75 TBC (@MOQ 150)
  • Rama keycaps TBC (@MOQ 50)

There are others price drops depending on the next MOQs (250, then 500).
We will estimate the price soon.


  • EU: Candykeys
  • US: Novelkeys
  • Asia: zFrontier
  • Australia: Daily Clack

A very nice and creative theme. Definitely interested. Any other novelties planned?

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I like the colors and the novelties! What was your process for choosing the colors?

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Thanks :slight_smile:
Well, I’ll try to get a quote from GMK soon™ in order to see if I can add more.
I could also make an additional novelty kit, it’ll depend a lot on the interest!

Well, I can’t really explain it to be honest, I take inspiration everywhere and try to find good combos, it’s more experimentation than anything else, it’s not maths IMO ahah :smiley:

I’m in and that’s all there is too it.

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Great looking set. Pleasing colorway that’s unique and not too far over the top. You can count me in!


I really like this, but having a 40% kit would be very nice, even if they were just blanks!


Interesting colour combination. Would probably jump in on this

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Small update: Reddit thread and Google poll added

Any interest for a Hiragana only (aka Kobe) kit?

  • Yea!
  • Nah.

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Any chance we’d see just regular alphas?


I don’t know. Hiraganas really suits the aesthetic I wanted to give IMO. Could still add an Alphas kit but then it’ll have to get a lot of interest…

No and I totally get that. I just really don’t like hiragana. I realize I’m in the minority though. Either way, solid looking IC!

Yea, I get it don’t worry :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks buddy!

Definitely in on this one.

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You’ve made another great looking set! I love it.

What about icon mods? Not sure how it would look. Just throwing it out there as a possibility to consider.

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You mean, instead of Cherry (+ legend) ones?

Yes, instead of the regular cherry text mods. Maybe you already did a mock up/render of the set with icon mods and decided against it? Was just wondering how it would look.

Preference for icon+text mods.

I thought it would fit the aesthetic of the dual legended alphas, but I can mockup it if you want :slight_smile: