[IC] GMK Bentō


Registering my personal opinion. I like the way you currently have the mods designed. Though the 9009 icon/text hybrid wouldn’t be bad. Dual legend alphas with sparse looking mods is an unbalanced look, imo.


Yeah hybrid icon+text mods might look pretty cool? I mean, at the end of the day, I trust your judgment. You’re the designer. Just throwing out suggestions. :grinning:


I really enjoy this color scheme, good work!


ooo boy i like this set a lot!


In general I much prefer Hirigana only over alphas+Hirigana. The latter just becomes a bit too busy, at least when the legends have the same color.

Something like Royal Alpha but with Hirigana could look incredible, but I do realize that’s not possible with doubleshot.


Hi all, after tonight’s Top Clack (thanks for the overall positive feedback btw :wink:) I thought it would be nice to clarify things about novelties.

The initial idea was to have an overall coherence and provide something minimalistic. I really liked the fact of having something simple, abstract, and geometrical. I didn’t want to fall into that cliché of making a bowl of rice, a sushi, or whatever. I mean, it sounded “too easy” for me.

I think that the novelties are currently matching to each other pretty well.

Let me know what do you think about em. I can totally rework the novelties!
I still have some leftovers novelties I didn’t use for this set ! But keep in mind that I’ll keep some of these bento novelties since there is a Rama Ranodised aluminium keycap incoming which I have already design in order to fit with the novelties…

that is why I’ll offer a Kobe kit:


Rendered kits by @Oblotzky


Just start the GB already! I’m drooling!


Q1 2019


Actually, I’m really okay with that because Godspeed is going to blow my budget for the rest of the year.


In my opinion, the novelties are the best part of this set! I really love them and I get that you were going for the minimal shapes of bento boxes. This most recent render by Oblotzky looks amazing. I’m hyped for this set!!


I just got the first renders for the biip x Rama keycap project for Bentō!

Salmon red anodized aluminium with white enamel fill.
The icons are still in WIP phase at this moment! I might change it if ever I don’t want to have the same icon which is already included in the base kit.

Let me know what do you think of them :slight_smile:


I like the top one, but if you can do the square with the chopsticks (the one in the banner) for the other one it would feel more like a definitive BENTO box artisan


makes sense. Even just chopsticks could maybe do the trick :thinking:
Got to test stuff :smiley:


If you do chopsticks you should angle them a tad kind of like \ / so it doesn’t end up looking like a pause key haha. I love the icon in the banner though so that’s still my vote :wink: Either way It’s a great addition.


Woah, that’s pretty!


For sure in on this


This is really cool.


Proxies list:

  • US: Novelkeys
  • EU: Candykeys
  • ASIA: zFrontier
  • AUS: DailyClack

GB date: TBD, Q1 2019.


I can’t wait for this beautiful set!