[IC] GMK Bentō


oof this looks tasty


Estimated pricing for the first MOQ (250 units):

  • base 145€ / $160
  • space 23€ / $28
  • kobe 70€ / $75


Instant cop for me. Do you have an idea on how much the RAMA caps are going to be?


Apparently, 42-45€. I need to ask for the $ price, but I suppose it’s gonna be something like $50.

Also, there will be one anodized aluminum with white enamel fill keycap, and a gold brass one.


Hey guys, quick update!

During the GB we will offer, as I promised, Bentō related stuff:

Nano Bentō (work in progress, that’s just a mockup)
keebwerk will offer a Nano Bentō with unique colors and exclusive novelties (which has to be decided) :slight_smile:

Rama Keycaps
Rama will offer 2 keycaps as I said above, with Ō design…


Base kit trail design

I’m actually checking if I could also offer custom sleeves… It’ll have the same design as the deskmats()


This is my first time learning about the Nano.
I really dig the Nano Bento. I don’t normally like GMK but I think I would be down purely for that Nano custom.
Really digging the whole aesthetic.


I didn’t know the nano existed before you posted this. But now…I see a world exists where we can match the slider knob to our keycaps…I’m honestly a little turned on right now.


hey fellows!

with the GB coming on end January, I had to hurry up if I wanted to get some deskmats to offer during the same period of time, since I’ll need to get samples to ensure that colour and design are accurate!

I’ll probably offer 2 different deskmats (900x400mm).
So here are the different versions:

Pattern only

Pattern with bentōs line

Pattern with big bentō

Blank with bentōs line

Blank with big bentō

Also, here’s a closeup of the pattern version, in order to see the details (present in all three versions):

Feel free to vote :slight_smile: (sorry for the awful naming)

  • Pattern only
  • Pattern with bentōs line
  • Pattern with big bentō
  • Blank with bentōs line
  • Blank with big bentō

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Usually I would never consider a Hirigana based kit but @biip has made a really compelling colour plus the novelty variety as far as the offered keys is on point.

Even the desk mat is all in. I would end up going the Kobe kit just because I like minimalism on alphas.

Especially with the deskmat it’s getting hard to say no to this.

I think this set would look pretty sick on an M60-A in Dusk (mauve) and maybe even Lake (navy blue).


Thanks for the kind words, it affects me :slight_smile:

To be honest, I’m really hesitating to offer the Kobe kit.
The thing is: Let’s suppose you place the base kit in your cart, then the Kobe kit. After that you see that the price is around $235 (on first MOQ), you would just be like “meh I wanted this set with Kobe” and just abandon. So, that’s definitively a tough decision to make.

I need to ensure that >150 people will get the Kobe kit :confused:
Even if 140 said that they will be interested (according to my Google Poll), it would be a pity to lose some potential customers like that.

On the other side, the Kobe kit fits the aesthetic pretty well, not gonna lie!


If you can’t run Kobe then you can’t run it that’s fine, you should try and get the price down as your primary goal.

I would probably still end up getting it anyway lol.


Ahah, yea :smiley: Thanks for supporting it!
I just wanted to be fair regarding the situation.


Since there was interest in salmon versions:


Looks a bit more like fish scales now even though this pattern is supposed to resemble the sea. I think the regular color pattern only but with the salmon logo in the bottom right would be the best


Oh damn, blank salmon is straight :fire::fire::fire:


I quite like the scale look!


It’s even better if it ressembles to both!


My dude ! Created an account just to say I love your Design !

I am in for one of everything : keycaps, rama artisans, nano bento and deskmat (salmon/patterns whithout bento).

I hope you will sell a shit ton because it’s one of the very few keysets which try something original !!!

Just need to find the perfect keyboard to match this now !


Wow man, I don’t have words :3

It really touches me! I’m not gonna lie, it’s obvious that a such comment is so appreciable, since it’s so kind. I have put a lot of effort to find an interesting and original theme which can have some potential colorscheme, and I’m really happy with the result right now. Thank you very much, I sincerely appreciate this heavy support, that’s adorable.

I’m kinda surprised to see how popular and how much people are approving this set. I almost regret to not have made a few more (and less massive) kits, but as I said, I wanted to keep it simple, and I already have other plans and other keysets for the future :slight_smile:


You can be !

I’m not surprised :grinning: I just hope everyone follows when the GB is live.

It’s perfect as it is I think (I personnaly would like to have a blue spacebar as well in 6.25u and 7u in the spacebar set but if I’m the only one, don’t even bother).

I look forward to them !

In any cases, I whish you the best with this GB. Awesome work.