[IC] GMK Coral

Hi everyone, you may or may not have seen my IC posted over in Geekhack and even on Reddit but I realized I’ve failed to post it here in Keebtalk. Please excuse my lack of IC post on this forum specifically, I’m sorry.

Why coral reefs?

I’ve always wanted to visit coral reefs. They’re absolutely beautiful and friends who have visited tell me all the time that I’m missing out.

Coral reefs are greatly endangered due to human activity, such as, destructive fishing and climate change. These external factors threaten approximately 75% of the world’s coral reefs.

Here are some stats I pulled from the NOAA

  • Support more than 275 million people worldwide.
  • Protect coastlines in more than 100 countries - helping defend against storms and erosion.
  • Accounts for 15% of gross domestic product in more than 20 countries.
  • Hold the potential to fight disease - including treatments for cancer, HIV, malaria, and other diseases.
Why this color?

Each year, Pantone releases a color of the year. For 2019, Living Coral (16-1546) was that color.
This quote explains their reasoning why they chose this color.

What colors will you be using?

I’ll be using 2 Pantone colors and 1 GMK color.

How do I keep up with Coral's progress?

My goal is to be able to make a donation to the Coral Reef Alliance so they can continue to help save our coral reefs. According to my research, this charity uses their funds appropriately.

What amount are you going to donate?

As this is my first ever IC/GB/keycap set, I don’t have anything to reference on the margins. I will be transparent on the donation and contribution portion, this means percentages and total amount donated, as well as, a screenshot (or a time stamped image) of my donation will be shared. My original goal was 15% minimum but I believe we should be able to make it higher.

Additionally, I plan on offering other ways in case you don’t have the funds or want to buy keycaps. There will be dollar raffles for prototyped materials (cables, deskmats, etc.), links to the charity’s website, etc. I’m still working out all the details as I type this.

This set will run through TX Keyboards (NA), My Keyboards (EU), and Daily Clack (Oceania/Asia). There may potentially be a new vendor being added soon.

GB is set to start on October 11th

Base kit

Coral Relief kit

40s kit

Spacebar kit

Novelties kit


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Cables by Donut Cables


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So in for this with the coral alphas.