[IC] GMK Dots

Can’t wait. This will be my first gmk!

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Wow this is amazing!

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already expressed my interest on this for ergo kit in reddit. I’ll be hopeful until the GB phase that you’ll not deny us the ergo kits I’ve(we?) been hoping since GMK bento. :stuck_out_tongue:

Issue is interest. Ergo layouts are a niche, and reaching a MOQ of 100 looks difficult.

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so no-ergo/assembly kit is already set in stone? :sob:

I’m back!

So, updates:

  • 1x R3 1u modifier added to Nomad kit.
  • Ergo kit
  • Extra dots kit

Would like to get your thoughts about the ergo kit. There are missing keycaps because you might re-use those from base kit :thumb:


I have a question: Will this set have the same base color as another gmk set? I was thinking of using regular alphas and dots modifiers.

nah, will be a custom one!

this is lit

Ergo hyyyyyype.

Ergo kit update


This is one of my favorite sets in a long time. :smiley:

Also, I would absolutely love a kit with translucent dots if that’s possible!

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Right on board with you wishing GMK would figure out a solution for legends that didn’t involve their current opaque lattice structure which messes with light going through the doubleshot legends.

I’m all in on the Ergo kit as well!

Is there any chance of getting a vertical line for the ISO enter key?

OMG!!! I’m in for this!!

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looks bad imo.

Interest checked!

Honestly doesn’t look to bad to me. Maybe it’ll look better with a little left hand turn at the top? Possibly?