[IC] GMK Dots

I tried that too, and it looks off :frowning:

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Maybe one litle horizontal like on the 1.5u key beside it at the top and then either a dot or a smaller vertical but seperated line in the lower part

This set is growing on me and my wallet doesn’t like that :smiley:


makes it lose all the minimalistic aesthetic it had with a single dot :confused:

True. Its just a weird Key. :man_shrugging:t2:

Fair enough.

This is the first gmk set i intend to buy, finally there is one without offset legends

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Quick update:

Hand mirror polished PVD Brass keycap

E-White Aluminium with white gloss enamel fill keycap


I would honestly prefer an ISO enter key like this.
I think it still fits because the line and dot is split on R2 and R3.
But if you think it takes away the minimalistic aesthetic it is fine. The ISO enter really is a weird key.


I really enjoy the rest of the design though :smile:


Lets just say that we disagree on that particular design for the ISO enter key. It’s really not what I’d prefer.

Pricing from Novelkeys :eyes:

Kits Price
Base kit $135
Ergo kit $110
Nomad kit $35

I’ll add the other vendors soon™


I guess I’m in it to win it :smiley:

This set is actually mega nutty and I’m definitely joining the GB for it. I’m a sucker for the dark base color with color accents.

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Group Buy is live!

Feel free to check the GB thread


As the group buy thread has been created in a new post I’m going to close this thread and direct any new conversations over here: