[IC] GMK Dots


Hey fellows!

The April Fool just became real!
After so much excitement I just couldn’t resist to offer you that set ;D

Let me introduce you: GMK Dots

Group Buy infos

The GB is planned for July 1st and will last one month


  • US: Novelkeys
  • AUS: Daily Clack
  • EU: Candykeys
  • ASIA: zFrontier

How much?
Depending on the colors I’ll use (amount of custom colors and/or if I choose to use existing GMK ones):
Base kit: around $130 / 250MOQ
Nomad kit: around $35 / 150MOQ


by the one and only @Oblotzky


TGR Alice


Jane 2





Rama keycaps:

Hand mirror polished PVD Brass keycap

E-White Aluminium with white gloss enamel fill keycap

Feel free to let me know what do you think in the comments :slight_smile:


Already mentioned on GH but I’m super in for this


But I can’t like your comment on GH tho :heart:


Same, just commented on GH but came here to say I love it too!


Just commented on GH thread but I was a sad boi on April Fools because I thought it wasn’t real now I’m happy


Dank buy


all part of the plan




This is such a freaking sexy set


I saw the April Fool’s joke and really wanted it, and now I see this and I’m wanting it again.


this is so cool


I was really sad that this was an April Fool’s joke, but now I’m glad to see that this set is happening. You’re always coming out with fire @biip !!!


I mentioned this on Reddit, but I think a totally monochrome option will all white dots (or maybe white alphas and gray mods) would look cool and shouldn’t be that hard to pull off given the nature of the set.


I like it. NE ERGO AVAIL?
I get that ortho is tangentially supported, but enough ortho boards use ergo mods or vice versa that it is worth calling both out. Also, extended 2048 barely had what could be called ortho coverage and didn’t have Ergo coverage because of the molds (which I get) so it’s worth mentioning.


I love it, will be great for macro pads and weird layouts :slight_smile:


By far the most unique GMK set to date, love it!



too bad I’m still not used to all the qwerty’s symbols haha!


Is the decision to go Gmk final? I think this desing would fit a uniform keyprofile even better.


for this round yes


Renders added



Jane 2