[IC] GMK Oblivion V2



you know i’ve been trying really hard to stay away from abs sets that are more than $100

and i think i found the reason to finally give up


Probably around there to be safe. Could be a bit Lower if some of the price breaks get hit and how much the new legends cost.


@Oblotzky Would you consider adding colored normal legends on the mods to a kit?




YES! Totally in and I like the change of GIT extension in base kit, on the kit i wanted to buy (and the one i think will be more popular). Also waiting for SA Oblivion my duder.
Tbh i wouldn’t add too many kits, but since it’s massdrop, norde might make it for once again :smiley:

Just a question, why end of Q2 (june)? That date + gb time + production and shipping ends up in having our keysets in December 2019, while i think right now or in 1-2 months is a good timing for a big GB.
There is any specific reason? For a while (Q4 2018) there was so many GBs that the community was short of money, but now i feel like there isn’t any good GB for a while and all the other sets are disappointing to me tbh. Even Alf slowed down lol and there isn’t any important keycap GB incoming. I think from now to the next 2 months it’s a good timeframe for the GB.
Later might be again a GB-storm and ends up like GMK Carbon.
1-2 Months for hyping the set with renders should be enough as well!


Hi there!

Could I suggest that the numpad in the base kits be taken out to form a kit of their own? As in GMK Jamon, I think this would help many users lower costs, as well as that full sized keyboards aren’t really a norm as it was last time:>


After seeing the renders I’ve been desperately trying to find some info on the Andromeda without any luck. Was this a past GB, or something coming in the future?


Been waiting for this for having missed v1. I am definitely down for v2.


Massdrop has a pretty solid schedule that is planned far in advance. They stick to one custom keycap set a month, so I will wait my turn.


I’m up for a set and some NorDeUK. Its a shame there are never enough people to get the ISO kits to MOQ, hopefully that will change at some point.


Smol update. Mainly, I removed the red accents from Monochrome Base Kit. They were overlapping with GMK Honeywell too much.

With that, I also felt comfortable merging the ISO parts of the Base Kit into the NorDeUK kit, as there’s now just 3 ISO returns left instead of 4. This should also increase the likelihood of that kit happening, as people can’t cheap out for physical ISO support via the Base Kits now. It’s all or nothing now, with less burden on the ANSI folks.

I am now pondering how to solve the ‘Monochrome Mods separate pls’-issue. If I counted correctly, that would be a 38 key kit, which is pretty good. More people being merged into the Git Base Kit could also lead to another price break of that, which could be 10-20$. So at higher MOQ’s, I could see the Git Base being 119$ or even 109$, and with Monochrome Modifiers on their own for 60$ or so be a solid 180$ish price. My main beef with this however remains that you won’t be able to buy just Monochrome Modifiers + Hagoromo Alphas, as you would have to buy the Git Base just for the TKL nav keys (arrows, del/insert/pgup/pgdn/function row etc).

I will continue keeping this updated and improved upon.


I’m in for the Git Base Kit! Thanks Oblotzky!


YES. Holy crap, I have been waiting for this to come up for ages. I’ve even set aside a budget especially for when this set came around again.


I like it, really glad Oblivion is being run again. I’m disappointed that hagoromo is going to be a separate kit, but I do understand your reason for doing so.

Two things I would change: I really don’t like that the git base kit doesn’t have matching keys where it should (shift, alt, ctrl, super, enter). And if you’re going to bother shortening print screen, scroll lock, and pause break so they all fit with one line of text I think it would look better to shorten page up/down to PgUp/PgDn as well.


Does anyone know what kind of texture these have?

I tend to prefer anything that’s not smooth for my keys, so I tend to stick to PBT.

This set just looks so good . .


I need this :eyes:


Yes! And don’t maybe us nordic bois. we need our caps!


Woot! So glad there will be another round! I was so bummed to get into MK a month after a programmer based keycap set GB had ended (V1). Will at least go for base, assembly, cadet, and spacekeys which I believe should pretty much any and all US layouts.


heck yeah! super interested.


Man, I might have to buy two sets just to get the monochrome mods and the colored mods…