[IC] GMK Oblivion V2



I’m a bit worried about the price of that huge NorDeUK kit.


I’m in. V1 is my daily set right now, and i would love to get in on the fancy kits to flesh it out


yes for the oblivion cadet kit




In for git base, assembly, and both space cadet sets


Would love to see an option for a complete 40% kit (not just a 40% mod to the basekit). Would that be possible or is it logistically not feasible.


The Assembly Kit is for folks like you. Should include everything needed for most 40% layouts.


This is the keyset I want the most.


true, thanks


I’ve updated the kits. Monochrome Base is gone, instead we now have Regular Modifiers and Monochrome Modifiers as addon kits to change the modifiers of the Git Base Kit. Also added R3 R4 PageUp/PageDown to Base. NorDeUK kit has not been updated yet, it would need regular modifiers added now, but since I’m still figuring out what coverage that kit should offer I won’t bother updating it for now.


I am super interested. Take my money!


Kinda sad that the Monochrome Base is gone, but I understand that makes sense as a more popular decision. What about make the Base one with the Regular Modifiers and have the Monochrome Mods and Git Mods as extra?

Just want to reinforce: I’m getting this no matter what.


This is what I needed, this’ll save me a lot of money and I won’t have an extra set of gray alphas just sitting there.


You still need them for the arrow keys, no?


Sweet mother - I can’t believe I missed this IC. I am very interested.


There are only monochrome arrow keys, I don’t remember seeing GIT or multicolor arrow keys.


Sorry, my bad. Somehow I assumed that you wanted White Alphas + Regular Modifiers…


Yes. This is more like it.

Color accents are available, but not too bright. I like for my keycaps, mostly, to not scream color at me. Strategic placement and possibilities are nice on this redux.

I see myself buying much more than the base set.


Some food for thought regarding ISO/international coverage: Please try to at least make a minimal ISO kit, consisting of an ISO enter, a Rebase/shift, and a R4 1u keycap (I don’t care which legend it has) to allow coverage of ISO boards.

IMO the best and cheapest way to include international support is to just have the 3 keys mentioned above (Enter, Shift and a 1u R4), in addition to blank 3xR4, 3xR3 and 2xR2. This allows for coverage of almost any ISO board, and allows international users to replace the keys that typically have wrong legends (the ones between the mods on the right hand side and the alphas) with blank keys.

This is of course based on an assumption that blank keys are cheaper to produce than keys with legends. This should also allow for a lower MOQ.

I have highlighted the keys needed for a minimal ISO/international kit here:


For me, having blank legends on these keys vs. having wrong legends doesn’t make much of a difference (especially the five 1u keys to the left of ISO enter), because I touch type and don’t need to look at the legends.

A much bigger annoyance is to have the secondary legends in the top row be wrong, as I’m never quite sure where some of these are, and it can be really troublesome when for ex. entering passwords