[IC] GMK Oblivion V2

Oh yeah, this is mostly just a cosmetic thing, but I think blanks look better than ANSI legends.

I agree that the number row is more of an issue when it comes to legends, but you need a lot of custom keys for decent coverage of different languages on that row.

I just hope a minimal ISO kit is made available if @Oblotzky doesn’t want to try the full ISO kit.
Something like this, or maybe just the Commit enter, Rebase shift, and a single 1u R4 key.

EDIT: minimal kit:

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Looks cool, I’d be down for this kind of kit if there’s no full NORDE kit…

Isn’t this kind of minimal ISO compability already a norm for GMK sets, though? Most GMK base kits i’ve seen have these (with the exception of the ISO enter in accent color which unfortunately sometimes gets ommited)

They are sometimes, but it was taken out of the base set for this run. To keep the cost down.

oh damn, didn’t even notice that :frowning: was kind of looking forward to this one, but that’s a dealbreaker for me.

It’s too bad, but the majority that are buying the set is not using ISO, so he want to cater to them. Im bummed out by this aswell, im scandinavian, so i feel you.

Ugh. I want to get DCS scientific because math. But … I am a computer science major, not a math peep… I want GMK Oblivion <3

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So happy to see at least a tentative of getting the Colevrak kits, I’m all in for that!

I totally want to see this, and I’m always happy to see pretty full compatibility in the base kits… I love it. I think I’m in for the base and the monochrome mods

I’m definitely in for assembly kit, and hopefully the colevrak kit will be produced too!

Edit: Oh I didn’t know it’s always a challenge for Colevrak kit to be produced. Still keeping my hopes up for this. Otherwise, I must convince my self to like DSA profile caps again

In for base kit! Looks amazing, and has everything I need in it. Really hoping this one comes together!

I’ve reconstructed the kits recently, the Base Kit(s) now offer physical ISO coverage and a full NorDeUK kit is also available for perfectionists :slight_smile:
We are going live tomorrow! https://drop.com/buy/drop-oblotzky-gmk-oblivion-v2-custom-keycap-set?mode=guest_open Thanks for participating in the IC :+1:


Love the physical ISO coverage and the NorDeUK kit :ok_hand:
I might have to join after all!

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