[IC] Go-Ace68 | Redesign a 68-key gasket keyboard

Update on Sep 12th, 2021 Click here to fill out the form if you have an interest

We are going to launch the GB soon, here’s an update on the GB details.

GB time:
Sep 15th EST to Oct 14th EST


  1. Aluminum case
  2. Solderable PCB with multiple split keys, QMK+VIA supported.
  3. Plate options: Aluminum and Polycarbonate
  4. Case color options: E-white and E-black


  1. Keycaps, stabilizers, switches and cable are not included.
  2. No backlighting.

(Paypal transaction fee included, shipping fee NOT included)

  1. USD $249 for Basic Kit(both aluminum and polycarbonate plate are the same price)
  2. Extra add-on purchase options:
    1x solderable pcb - $40
    1x alu or polycarbonate plate - $25


  1. Shipping time: estimated November 30th, 2021
  2. Shipping method: DHL or other direct express.
  3. Shipping fee: $25-$40 based on different countries or areas.

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Update on Sep 9th, 2021 Click here to share your ideas if you have an interest

Hey, thank you for all your feedback in the last round, now we’re back with some new updates.

  1. The keyboard has a new name Go-Ace68.
  2. The left shift key can be split. (the layout image updated below)
  3. Added a plate material option, polycarbonate.
  4. Cancel hot-swap PCB in the 1st round GB.
  5. Prototype is done, here share some pictures

    More renders at Go-Ace68, redesign a 68-key - Album on Imgur

Check sound test video here

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Prototype update, Aug 3rd

CNC finished, not do finish treatment yet.
so far, the structure has no problem. Next for finish treatment(e-white and e-black), the final prototype will be done around 7 days.

[IC] Go-Ace68, redesign a 68-key gasket keyboard

**Background **

Being regarded as a significant contribution to the mechanical keyboard community, 65% layout is a trendy layout in recent years among various mechanical keyboard enthusiasts because of its high compatibility with most of the necessary keys.

That’s the main reason why we use the 65% layout. Although some excellent keyboards were already produced in this layout and had performed well, we still want to make some new attempts, seeing if we can make something new.

One of the attempts is the double-layer top case design, making the keyboard has more color matching. Different colors can be selected for the upper and lower layers of the top case so that the appearance presents more possibilities.

The idea of the badge on the back "HelloWorld” came from one of our friends. When recalling some excitement about his study and work with a mechanical keyboard, he inadvertently mentioned it. We thought it is cool, and that’s the point where we made the decision shortly.

More renders at “Go-Ace68”, A Gasket Mount 65% Barebone - Album on Imgur
Notes: switches and keycaps are only for render use; not included in the final package.


1. Double layer top case: The overall look presents more possibilities.
2. PORON® polyurethanes dampening pad between the plate and PCB
3. Gasket mount
4. Fully Customized via QMK and VIA
5. PCB mount Stabilizer

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Solderable PCB, multi-layout supported

  1. Split backspace
  2. ISO enter
  3. Split right shift
  4. Split left shift
  5. Split spacebar
  6. Stepped caps lock

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  1. Aluminum case
  2. Gasket-mount & 65% Layout
  3. Double-layer top case: one upper layer case + one lower layer case
  4. High profile design
  5. Typing angle: 6 degree
  6. Solderable PCB with multiple split keys
  7. Aluminum decorative waistline
  8. The embedded “HelloWorld” badge

    More renders at Go-Ace68, redesign a 68-key - Album on Imgur


  1. One set of a multi-layer top case (one upper layer case + one lower layer case)
  2. One bottom case
  3. One PCB
  4. One plate
  5. One poron dampening pad
  6. 16 silicone stripes
  7. 16 screws
  8. Notice: No keycaps, switches, stabilizers, or cable is included in one set of the kit. They are not sellable at the moment.

Until July 29th: Round 1 prototype


  1. Starts date: TBD
  2. Price: TBD
  3. Where to announce: here, Geekhack, and www.entergogo.com.(https://www.entergogo.com)

Any questions, thoughts, or concerns about this event or us, please post them here or reach out to us directly at hi@entergogo.com. Many thanks to everyone in the community for your unconditional support.

Updates on the IC will be added on here.

entergogo team

Will need to see higher quality renders and/or a prototype before I make a judgement on aesthetics, but I will say that I really love the split space option!

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Aside from aiming to be a better typing experience keyboard, is there anything that this keyboard has that lends itself to the marketing of “…For Programming & Coding” compared to other high end premium keyboards?

I like the bottom weight though and hope we can see prototype pictures sooner than later

The prototype is in progress, will update photos and more information within 10 days.

Weight is a cool idea but font looks a bit gamer to me (it would be a neat tie in to use like the programming font in lower case instead of all caps). Also not unique to this board but ironic saying “hello world” then putting that side down and not being able to see it on the desk.

I would recommend including pictures/renders of the alternate bottom row as that is a unique feature that should be highlighted.

Good luck with the prototype!

I declare 2021 the year of the MagicForce 68 layout… For years it was nothing, nothing, nothing… then Bam! Here’s ten boards with MF68 layout!


there it is. I truly didn’t think it was possible. An original 65😱.

Prototype is on progress…


When’s my beloved MF82 getting HER time to shine, huh? She’s still beautiful, even if her arrow cluster isn’t all sticky-outy like the new hotness! Eh, who am I kidding, she never was.

Looking neat! Any pictures of the top/sound tests coming soon?


Thanks! The 1st round prototype will be ready within days, then will prepare more photos and sound test video, will updated asap.

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Go-Ace68, sound test video

GB information updated.