[IC] H.R. Giger's Harkonnen's Fortress inspired Sterling Silver Keycap from DUNE

Harkonnen’s Fortress Keycap

This is an Interest Check for Harkonnen’s Fortress Premium Silver Keycap.
A homage to H.R.Giger’s art concept for Jodorowsky adaptation of Frank Herbert’s ‘DUNE’.
This movie never came to happen. However, their work became an inspiration for generations of artists.
We are one of them.

H.R. Giger said ‘My planet was ruled by evil, a place where black magic was practised, aggressions were let loose, and intemperance and perversion were the order of the day.
Just the place for me, in fact. The castle itself, a symbol of [color=red]intemperance, exploitation, aggression and brutality[/color] with a magical aura which has a negative effect on all the inhabitants, is egg-shaped and mostly buried in the ground.
Like an iceberg which shows only a tenth of its volume, Harkonnen hides its evil deep inside.
The main gate is only an entrance, never an exit, for it has barbs like sharks’ teeth which prevent anyone from turning back.

KeyRelics are made to captivate their owners with their terrifying beauty.
Forged from solid metal and built to last ages, they will stand the test of time and outlive us all just like the pieces of timeless art they were inspired by.
They are meant be passed down from generation, to generation.


⟣ Face version

⟣ Skull version

The estimated prices for group-buy are as follow:
⟣Silver Sterling .925(estimated price for group-buy €80 including shipping)
⟣Argentan / Bronze (estimated price for group-buy €50 including shipping)
Udpate: With current prices of everything going up, the keycaps for sure will cost more.

To Do
⟣ Physical Prototype of Skull Version: DONE

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Prototype of the Arrakis Edition [Bronze] is here!


This is amazing!

Makes me wonder how an Atreides building under the House Shield would look as an artisan…

Skull version is here!
GB will start very soon!

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