[IC] KAT Milkshake

Milkshake is back!

One year later, and after a lot of requests, Milkshake is finally back, this time in KAT profile!
I started working on this iteration of Milkshake months ago, and I can finally show you the samples and the massive kits rework :wink:

The manufacturer remains the same, that’s Keyreative.

The Group Buy will start on September 2nd and will last 4 weeks.


  • US: Novelkeys
  • EU: Candykeys
  • Asia: zFrontier
  • Oceania: Dailyclack

Samples pics
Note that the colors aren’t 100% accurate, but they will be the same as the one used for DSA Milkshake :+1:



Alphas kit

Weirdo Alphas kit

Katakanas Alphas kit

Blank Alphas kit

Modifiers kit (which covers 60%-80% layouts)

Blanks modifiers kit

Specialties kit (for exotic layouts which have split-backspace, column, etc.)

Nomad kit (for 40%-50% layouts)

ortho kit

Ergo kit

Calc kit (numpad + CP/1800 support)

Addons kit (accent color for Ctrl and Shift)

Dots kit

Fruits kit

Cmd kit (aka Mac kit)

Intl kit

UK kit

Baguette kit (aka Azerty kit)

Colevrak kit

Space kit


M6-C Milkshake edition
e-white with GITD engraved symbols on the front side

Mist PVD brass R1 keycap


Feel free to give me your thoughts on the kits :slight_smile:


Looks great! IDK if I’ll be able to justify spending money on another keycap set so soon since I’ve gone way over my hobby budget the past couple of months, but I really don’t want to miss out on this. I really love the way the “weirdos” came out on the previous run, guess I’ll just have to wait for pricing info.

Also, just in case anyone was as confused as I was about KAT profile:

And there’s more info about the profile over at Kono: https://kono.store/products/kat-alpha-keycap-set


Ah, dang, you had to go release this in a non-uniform profile. Walp, better start budgeting

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Take my money, I’ll be ready for the GB :grinning:

Q: Could you add this button the Intl kit?


I am so excited for this set. KAT has become my favorite profile. I got the KAT Alpha kit when it dropped and I dont even want to go back to cherry. I just hope the costs arent in PMK territory

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exciting stuff. Looking forward to owning a KAT set

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So in! I love KAT profile regret never jumping on Milkshake

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Please add 2.00u right shift in the base kit, or any other kit, as it’s missing completely.
Also consider doing a GMK set, would love to see the colours on GMK


Yes, wil do!

Your milkshake brings all the boys (and girls) to the yard

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Any chance of getting some more fruit novelties on R2-4? I love those happy little fruit keycaps, but since most of them are R0-1, they won’t work on 40% boards. (Thanks for another round of this awesome set!)



The GMK Dots set was so popular that Dots were added to the KAT Milkshake set?

Will the base color be the same as KAT Alpha? Some of these kits would be great accents to the original run

Nice, I was hoping for a new milkshake run. KAT looks great! I think the nomad kit is missing a R2 1u backspace for 40% Plancks


I’ve said it before. KAT is probably the only profile I’d ever need. It’s super comfy, to the point of making it feel like you’re typing faster, and sounds amazing.

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I might split the fruits kit, so I can add some R2-R3-R4 novelties :+1:

DSA Milkshake already had a dots kit :slight_smile:

I need to compare. Might take a pic asap in order to see…

I will make an ortho kit aside from the nomad one.


Oh god!
I was so sad about missing this set last time, I really hope I’ll be able to afford it, can’t wait for the price, there are a lot of kits that I can’t miss!

Never used KAT, it might be the perfect way to try it!

Merci biip!

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Awesome :slight_smile:

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Huge kits update! Check the first post :slight_smile:


I don’t know if this decision lies on your hands or Keyreative’s, but is it possible to have the 1.5u backspace/delete to be part of the base modifiers kit? I think it’s a pretty common key for 60% with split backspace builds. It’s the one gripe I had with the KAT Alpha, forcing me to purchase an extra set just for one keycap.