[IC] KAT Milkshake

This is really good given that we’re getting less and less support for stock ortho mod sets.


Tsangan, WKL and other less common layout keycaps remain in the Specialities kit :wink:

I’m not quite sure if Tsangan/WKL is actually less common, but I can understand them remaining in their kit.


Tsangan/HHKB like is up there with the 64 and standard layouts, it’s a real bummer to see keys that many see essential in an add on kit.

this looks fun, count me in

Might try this as my first white kit and first KAT kit!

KAT is a really fun profile to type on, especially if you’re comfortable using SA

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how is it compared to MT3? I use pretty much every profile out there, but I type faster on MT3 than SA.

I think KAT is closer to SA only a lower profile. MT3 is more spherical and has more defined edges if that makes sense.

Awesome kit! I’m super excited for both the weirdos and the katakanas kit! This is exactly what I was looking for in terms of profile and color.

@biip can you share the original colours again? Is the white going to be pure white or tinted? Wondering if it’ll go well with an e-white board.

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While I have no current plans for getting an e-white board I am interested to know what shade the white will be as well. I’m heavily considering jumping on this set with weirdo alphas to finally give KAT profile a shot & get a nice looking BoW set. I know the splashes of pastelish colors is the big draw for a lot of people to this set, but the all BoW setup appeals the most to me!

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based on DSA Milkshake:

White is default white, so yeah pure white :slight_smile:


what would the expected price be? and is it dye sub PBT or ABS

does this mean the kits should be inter-compatible with KAT Alpha?

Well that sucks. I choose to believe WKL/Tsangan kits are far from unpopular and thus doesn’t need a separate kit but if that’s what you decided (or it’s something you can’t control either) then all I can do is deal with it.

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This set might be a must buy for me, been wanting to try this profile for awhile now.

It reminds me to take a shot with the 2 sets in order to compare :stuck_out_tongue:

I second it. The blank mods have the 7u spacebar for HHKB WKL and Tsangan layout

Really wish the default would cover them

because Specialities Blanks kit would have had a lot of duplicates, it would have been pointless to not merge those into one huge kit IMO.