[IC] KAT Milkshake

R2 I’d say.

Hey biip, I wanted to thank you for making interesting awesome non-GMK keycap sets.

It gives ABS haters like me the occasion to also empty our bank accounts. And profile diversity is also awesome (well, aside from the ultra shiny “KAM abused-ABS emulation system”).

Will definitely get this (unless I have unexpected expenses).

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Let me introduce you 2 collaborations I made with Rama which will be available to purchase during the GB :eyes:

M6-C Milkshake edition
e-white with GITD engraved symbols on the front side

Mist PVD brass R1 keycap


Sigh, I’m going to end up getting every kit.


I think that’s about the size of it, isn’t it?

What do you mean?

Oh shit that m6-c is sick

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Yeah, it looks amazing <3

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Wow that looks amazing.

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Man ever since I built my first keyboard a few months ago I’ve been hitting myself over being too late for the milkshakes. If the pricing is similar to last year’s, this might just be my first premium keycap set.



Any chance of getting a deskmat with fruit on it?


does the KAT profile conflict with north facing switches like the cherry profile does?

Love the pastel color mat

Any idea when the GB will begin? I want to make sure I don’t miss it.

For me the symbols are more “visually powerful” than the fruits.
People recognize Milkshake by the modifiers, not by the fruits novelties.
These shapes are the identity of the set imo.

Meh, good question.

Early or mid september.

Size on the mats? Custom sizes? Please be longer than 36 inches!

Do we have any idea on the price yet? I need to prepare my wallet and wife.

  • 900x400x4mm
  • Stitched edges

I’d say between $14 and $20. @mgsickler could confirm?!

Some renders!
Pricing is coming :slight_smile:


Omgah, that wait is killllling me. I need the pricing now!

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