[IC] Neuron - HHKB 40%

Hey KeebTalk!

I’ve been working a 40% keyboard this summer, and I’m proud to announce the Neuron: a HHKB-blockered 40% keyboard with a top-mount plate and a big-ass brass weight in the bottom. The Neuron is a combination of all the features I love in other 40%s but haven’t been brought together in the same board yet. I hope you like it!

Prototype Pictures:

Video of Chameleon Cerakoted Aluminum Prototype: https://streamable.com/up6tn

Layouts Covered:


  • 2.5 degree polycarbonate or anodized aluminum case. No top and bottom halves, the entire case is a single piece to maximize thock.
  • Aluminum case color options: black, silver, plum purple, cyan, samurai red (TBD).
  • Top-mount plate available in sandblasted brass or polycarbonate plate (and possibly acrylic with sufficient interest, holler at me).
  • 5mm thick brass wedge with NEURON engraving. Aluminum prototype is 2lbs 8oz.
  • QMK-compatible black PCB designed by Worldspawn; on-board atmega with USB-C.
  • Supports full-size 6.25u or 2.25u/2.75u split space layouts. Ortho plates are possible with enough interest.
  • No LEDs. No in-switch or RGB.
  • Estimated cost $220-240 + shipping

A limited run of 15 is being produced right now, with a group-buy to follow. The expected start date for the GB is October 1st, depending on hype. Please fill out this IC form if you are interested: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScO4FsHix6f9gxl5QXmelLsxYNK-_2z1z_88LUJVMQr-umwwQ/viewform

Thanks reading! Happy Clacking!


Count me interested, looks pretty cool!

PC looks rad. Interested for sure

Yay, another 40%! :slight_smile: Definitely interested. Would go for an aluminium case, just totally unsure what color: Black or silver maybe. Definitely not cyan and probably also not red.

Would the plum purple fit colorwise with SA/GMK Laser?

If I could choose the color, I’d probably go for white or a darker, warm grey — I already have too many black keyboards. :slight_smile: But black fits with most keycaps (except white ones)…

Orange is also always an option for me, but then again I noticed that while orange looks good on keycaps, it’s not as good with anodized aluminium… Maybe cerakote orange? :slight_smile:

Thanks for your interest! The aluminum case should have about 5 colors available, but the exact colors are TBD. We are well above the responses in the form to make this project twice over, so both the polycarbonate and the aluminum version will definitely be made. Sound off in the comments section of the IC if you want a specific color :slight_smile:

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Any chance of an other colors of polycarb? I like the translucent one everyone uses, but I’d love to see some variety

That is a lovely chunk of polycarb. Any chance to get a picture of the plate/PCB/bottom pieces without the outer shell? I’m being teased about what’s going on in there and I’m curious.

lemur - maybe future versions of the Neuron will explore other polycarbonate options, but for now we are just going with white clear; the translucency actually comes only from the sandblasting that follows machining.

donut - sure, here are some pictures of the prototype plate, wedge weight, and PCB :slight_smile:


Ooh, someoen knows what they’re doing with the decoupling caps, always good to see, and a nice clean looking PCB overall.

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Please follow conversation at [GB] Neuron - A Premium 40% Keyboard

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