[IC] Noxary XRF (Aluminum Realforce Case) - GB Launches 10/28! Giveaway to follow

Noxary XRF Product Page

The Noxary XRF is a case replacement for the Realforce R1, a TKL keyboard designed & produced by Topre. You will be able to take the internals of your Realforce, and swap out the plastic case for the all metal enclosure. The included custom daughterboard features a USB C port, allowing you to connect your own cable. This is compatible with the 86u, 87u, 88u, and 89u, however the Winkeyless option will require full disassembly to remove two housings on the bottom row.

Group Buy details:

  • How much? $369 + shipping.
  • What colors? Blue Gray, Lightning Silver, Meteorite Gray
  • Winkeyless or Winkey? Both for all 3 colors.


  • Compatible with Realforce R1 Internals
  • Seamless Case Design
  • Top Mounted Plate
  • 6° Base Angle
  • 17mm Front Height
  • ~2140g Kit Weight / ~2880g Built
  • USB C Daughterboard
  • Winkeyless or Winkey

Anodizing Colors:

  • Blue Gray
  • Lightning Silver
  • Meteorite Gray


  • 1 x Aluminum Top
  • 1 x Aluminum Bottom
  • 1 x Daughterboard PCB
  • 1 x JST to JST Cable
  • 4 x M3 Hex Screws
  • 12 x M2 Hex Screws
  • 4 x 3M Bumpons

Group Buy Information:

  • Starts October 28th
  • Closes November 30th
  • Shipping in early April

Noxary XRF Product Page


Lovin’ the look. We’ve been waiting for this :eyes:

Love the simple geometry and larger forehead!

No way in hell I’m ever gonna afford this thing, much less a RFR1 to put in it… but damn, this thing is utterly beautiful. @cijanzen is right - the larger forehead is essential for a Realforce.

I’m always in favour of Winkey since I don’t think it detracts from the aesthetics and I can always have a software blocker. I’d rather have the option to use the Windows key if I need to.

It’s on the way!



Looks great. I’d prefer a WK version.

50/50 in the poll, good to see how different platforms perform.

Small update - The prototype has arrived and I’ll release some pictures on Friday!

WK and WKL will both run, and pricing will be announced soon (same price for either). :blush:

In the progress of getting final renders done!

When will the actual buy start/end? Nothing is locked in right now, but it’s next for sure.

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Received the prototype today, will post GB information in the next couple of days so people can make a choice :wink:

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Forgot to post pictures here :confused: :confused:

Preparing further info, will post a bigish update when all of that is ready

Group Buy details:

  • How much? $369 + shipping.
  • What colors? Blue Gray, Lightning Silver, Meteorite Gray
  • Winkeyless or Winkey? Both!
  • When will the GB open? Aiming to start late October, will update in a week or two.
  • How long will orders be open for? 1 month, dates TBA.
  • Lead time? 3-4 months from order close.


This is dope.

hmm now to figure out what color i should get

Updated the OP with the most up to date info!

Make sure to follow Noxary on Instagram to see new renders :slight_smile:

The Noxary XRF is launching on October 28th and will be open till the end of November on https://noxary.co. Giveaway announcement to come!

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Please continue conversation on the GB thread