[ic] ogre ergo

ergo keyboards

hard to find keycaps for.
but not anymore.
not today.
today is the day a beautiful new ergo is born.
soon you can cap it with your favorite sets.
the ergo form factor is revived.



ogre ergo

i envisioned a new ergo. inspired by the original ergodox from 7 years ago.
a kit that inspired geeks to learn to solder.
a keyboard that could be unique and customized just as you like.
split or single, case and keycaps. especially the keycaps
by designing the ogre ergo around a standard set of keycaps the possibilities are truely infinity.

design goals:

  • an updated take on the ergodox that makes it easier to cap!
  • designed to be covered by all of the most popular base gmk and signature plastic key sets. lets design the board around the caps not the other way around.
  • traditional single (think em7 or alice) and split-options available using the same pcb.
  • 70 keys
  • not going to solve “the legend problem”. as ergodox users know its usually very difficult to get legends that match your actual keys on your outer rows. ogre will not solve this. for the most part it just takes a traditional layout with the backspace, larger shift key and enter key moved to the thumb positions and left over matching row profiles moved to fill in those positions. it is intended that the builder customize with QMK (ie you probably end up reprogramming your modifiers)
  • as a designer i want to put the builder first. this means i am going to attempt to leave you as many options as i can with-in reason.

the pcb:

  • QMK
  • gives the builder options on split vs non-split (break away tabs), and outer column caps (all gmk base kits should cover. random cheap tkl kit should cover too!)
  • single pro-micro for non split, dual for split
  • pcb not reversible. will be 350mm x 130mm. will use breakaway tabs to split in two.
  • entry level (ogre waif) and end game (ogre queen) at a later date.
  • no hot swap other than mill-max
  • under glow yes
  • per key rgb - nope!
  • this needs to be easy for the first time build to solder. pro-micro and all through hole soldering.

the case (ogre waif):

  • sandwich style acrylic in the tradition of the original ergodox.
  • top and bottom layers will be offered in multiple colors. you can pick multiple. so you can swap when you get new caps. middle layers will be clear.
  • looking at options to have a completely flat surface (no screw holes in the top plate using some type of acrylic glue, maybe magnets?) top layer will just be for looks and plate or inner layers will be secured with screws.
  • thinking about wood option plates that can use color matches from a paint store on pantone colors with high gloss finish. think electric guitar finish. match those caps primary colors perfectly!
  • tenting options tbd

end game (the ogre queen):

  • i do plan on a cnc’d aluminum end game version of this at some point but the initial focus will be on the waif and getting people new to the community an easy to build and customize kit.


  • if this goes well i will take the ogre to end game
  • two peice cnc’ed acrylic and wood cases
  • on the way to endgame, there will be other models.
  • an ortho-linear version
  • a staggered version
  • a fullsize version (the ogre king)
  • a hotswap/rgb per-key ‘gamer’ version (the ogre thief)

the philosophy:

  • < $100 for the waif. leave that money for those custom cap base sets.
  • i want to give back to this awesome community and get this form factor out there.
  • i plan for this to be a very iterative process. it’s not going to be one big group buy.

why the name ogre?

  • its inspired by the asymmetrical nature of the ergo form factor. ogre ergo. ergo ogre.
  • and my love of fantasy role playing games


i have created several prototypes including one which i’ve used as my daily driver for the last month or so. pictures below.

initial wooden prototype

tkl plate prototype

single pro-micro prototype

final hand-wire prototype. before pcb prototype

the pcb prototype


70 key. requires extra a 1.5 modifier, a R3 1.75 ctrl key and a R4 2.25 shift

68 key. tkl keys only.



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design split case
design slim bezel case
add underglow to pcb design
add pcb art
pcb prototype round 2

checkout my sister project - gmk ogre

update history
2019-08-02 - IC launch


I’m not into ergo, but…

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I love this idea. I really like that you made standard modifiers work so that you don’t really need to buy an extension kit to use it.

I’m definitely interested!

One thing that I don’t love, and this is probably a subjective aesthetic choice, is the angle after the thumb clusters. I’d prefer if the case terminated at a 90° angle instead of the acute angle it currently has.

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I like the idea of this project! Will be keeping my eye on it :slight_smile:


Thanks for the support. The great thing about acrylic sandwich cases is they are easy enough to no just be locked into one case design. I do plan on minimal bezel version for both the single and split versions. The split case will probably always use the minimal design. I’ll be working on those next.


I think this is a perfect medium between a traditional split ergo and a traditional 60%

I’m definitely interested, especially with your thoughtfulness towards keycaps sizing. Keeb it up!

Like to know how is this project going?