[IC] Prime_E : An Ergo 45%


Yeah. Godspeed MT3 having 40% support in the base kit is AWESOME for 40% users.


color me interested! great looking keyboard, hoping it’ll move forward to group buy soon :joy:


Thank you. Confident it will get to GB. Just don’t know about the soon part :grimacing:. Couple months at least.


Couple months is great for me need to get the funds right :grinning:


That’s really wonderful!!!


Are you planning on keeping the led indicators? I really like having that option.


Absolutely. Though the location may move.


So as I suspected it just doesn’t really work having the option for 2u backspace and split backspace AND have kailh hotswap. So a decision needs to be made. Right now I’m leaning towards getting rid of 2u backspace in favor of hotswap. But I would love to hear some thoughts from others.


At the smaller size I’d prefer 1u over 2u delete. Gives more flexibility with punctuation.


I think ditching the 2u backspace is a logical move. I personally would do split backspace if I were building one of these to maximize the smaller layout. So ditching the 2u option to keep hotswap makes sense to me.


I’d say definitely get rid of the 2u backspace, just makes it a PITA for people with sculpted sets and with small boards it’s nice to have more keys. I’m really liking where this is going, and I think this might be my next keyboard. And also thanks for making this a hotswappable pcb. I honestly am always too afraid I’ll fuck up soldering which is why I avoid most high end boards. I put a good amount of money into my last build ($275 at least) and fucked up the soldering in multiple ways lol. I just can’t trust myself anymore with soldering expensive keyboards.


IMO definitely remove the 2u - the additional key is useful and also improves compatibility for people who don’t want to use non-sculpted key caps on it. and like what cijanzen said about the space bars - those would probably work best if you have keycap sizes that match shift keys


totally agree


2u backspace is no longer a thing (dont worry this is still rough. This is just to show layout).

I hear what yall are saying about standard shift key sizes for the spacebars. And it makes sense to a point. I REALLY don’t like 2.75u spacebars on a 40%. Though on this one it might not be so bad as it would make the blockers about the same size, which just occured to me. LOL. I was about to type 2.0/2.25 for sure but now I don’t know.

I’ll play around with it. My reasoning for 2.0/2.25 over a 2.75 (other than the fact I don’t like 2.75) is with darn near any GMK set you’re going to be buying a 40% kit if it’s available anyway. The other modifiers will demand it. Any 40% kit/spacebar kit that doesn’t have 2.0/2.25 spacebars is doing it wrong. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


im okay with 2.0/2.25!


I’m good with 2.25 as well. At this point I usually buy the spacebars kits which usually have them cause I never know what I’ll end up with!


I’m definitely interested. Where can I keep up with this? I’m definitely interested if it continues and goes onto Groupbuy. (Sorry I’m a noob here)


Either here on keebtalk or Geekhack. I’ll try to keep both threads equally updated.


Thank you! I’ll just have to check frequently. Any rough ETA? (Don’t hate me for that question haha)


I expect to have all the design work finished up before the new year. Hope to have a prototype in hand before end of January. Assuming no problems then GB should start pretty quick thereafter. Production and delivery time frame I have no idea about yet.