[IC] Prime_E : An Ergo 45%


Thank you so much. I’ll keep my eyes peeled. Also I don’t know if you’re keeping that numpad on the left but I hope you do.


The numpad won’t be around for this one. Perhaps down the road if there’s interest.


Will there be a limit for this GB?


Nah. Never really saw the point in that other than potential QAQC issues.


Updated OP with what should be pretty much final. I’m open to feedback on the aesthetics of the case. But the layout is set. I thought about adding a provisions for a weight but I would really like to keep this affordable. Instead I cut the footprint of the PCB as much as I reasonably could and filled that space with aluminum. Which I suppose should minimally reduce machine time and therefore cost. But in reality I’m just adding a bit more weight and probably not making any significant difference in machine time.


As the kids say, “shut up and take my money!” This keeb looks sweet.


In the profile view render the back and front of the board is angled towards the front. I like the aesthetic but I wonder if it would cut costs and add weight by having the front just come straight down instead of having the overhang angle. Hope that makes sense!


Like the Rama M60-A? I believe that would actually cost more since you would need a thicker hunk of aluminum to start with and I think the machining would be more complicated. But I’m not a machinist so if anyone wants to chime in feel free. Plus that would mean a fairly significant redesign of the entire case/base and possibly even the PCB. I think I’m at a point of no return as far as the overall basic structure of the case goes.


Haha all good. I don’t have any experience with this and just threw the idea out there. As it is I like the aesthetic of the angle anyways and if it doesn’t cost more then that’s perfect!


Sorry cause I know it’s probably too early, but any price estimate? Will this at least cost under $200?


It is still a bit early but $200 or less is a wish of mine as well. I should have some numbers in January.


That price point would be nice


Updated OP with PCBs


looks pretty dope. nice work!


added poll for colors at top of OP


The poll seems to be set to private


should be fixed now. sorry.


Yep, working for me. Submitted!


updated with sample picture.