[IC]SKYLOONG GK61 Pro - A 60% keyboard with knob on spacebar

Greetings, Keebtalk members!

I’m Kelvin from SKYLOONG, and I’m thrilled to announce our IC thread on Keebtalk. In this thread, I will introduce you to our improved 60% keyboard ——GK61 Pro.

A 61-key keyboard with a knob in the middle of the spacebar.

GK61 Pro is SKYLOONG’s latest attempt, with three versions to choose from.

Layout: 60%, ANSI
Structure: O-Ring Gasket Mount

Connection: Wired (QMK/VIA Fully Support) & Wireless(Bluetooth/2.4G)
Battery: 4000mAh
Backlight: 16.8 million Customized RGB
Case & Plate:
Silver Anodizing Aluminum Case with FR4 Plate

Black ABS Case with White Steel Plate

White ABS Case with White Steel Plate

Switch: Support 3/5 pin hot-swap switch
Knob: programmable and hot-swappable

Building on the GK61, we have changed not only the appearance but also the hardware and firmware.

The purpose of the split spacebar is to make the most of the single long spacebar area on small layout keyboards such as 60% keyboard, as the spacebar occupies the most space on the keyboard but only has one function.
But now, splitting spaces is not enough for us.

Also, as knobs become more and more common today, 60% of series still have no knob functions due to limited layout constraints.
Meanwhile, SKYLOONG’s hot-swappable knob has been already available with the GK75 for some time.

So, we decided to combine the split space with our new hot-swappable knobs to create a 60% keyboard with knobs - GK61 Pro.

Of course, if users are not happy with such improvements, they can switch the split spacebar with the classic long spacebar according to their own preferences.
After all, our knobs are also hot-swappable!

From the classic long spacebar with one function to the split space with three functions, and now the split spacebar with five functions + hot-swappable knob.
Your thumbs have more work to do now.

Alright, now that the split space has evolved to have five functions, how do we use them?

When I thought of the idea of split space + knob, I immediately had a flash of inspiration.
Why not try to set the rotation function of the knob as the left and right arrow keys?
Just like the red button in ThinkPad.

As shown in the video:

As you can see in the video, I can fix my mistakes without lifting my hand and without re-adjusting my fingers on the keyboard. Because my hands never moved!

But this also poses a huge challenge.
That is to challenge the human muscle memory.
In order to master the new typing method of split space + knob, it took me about a week to adapt and practice.

Of course, this requires some time investment.
However after I fully adapted to this typing method and gained improved typing efficiency and flexible functionality, I realized that the time investment was worth it.

Don’t forget that the function of the knob is customizable. (of course, all keys are customizable, except FN) You can freely configure functions according to your work scene and life.

For example Photoshop image zoom in and zoom out Timeline Controls for Premiere Pro Create and switch between new desktops Control music/video player, pause/play, forward/rewind Etc.

We want to create more than just “keyboards” We hope to create a powerful productivity tool that can improve your work efficiency.

So if you have this board on your hand, how would you customize the keyboard functions to suit your career?

In the end, Skyloong’s success story started with the launch of the GK61, which was inspired by GH60.
This product introduction led to a period of growth for the company.

Since then, Skyloong has been committed to the principle of “From the community, For the community”.
Provide high-quality and personalized products and services for keyboard enthusiasts.
In addition to GK61, skyloong will open source the design files of hot-swappable knobs on Git Hub.

We hope to inspire creativity and design inspiration for other keyboard lovers in the community. Skyloong always believes that only by advancing together with the community and collaborating with keyboard enthusiasts, can we jointly promote the continuous development of the keyboard industry and bring vitality and prosperity.

In the future, what innovations will Skyloong contribute?
Let’s stay tuned.


Really nice to see that it has an open firmware like QMK for wired mode

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OMG, It’s my perfect PUBG gaming keyboard. Configuring the “Q” and “E” on the knob. I can shake head while moving the role in game, no one can aim my head!! ahahahhaha!!!

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I just found an interesting keyboard that is perfectly appropriate to the PUBG game.
Finally, I can shake the role’s head while moving the role in game.