[IC] the Heavy Grail: a Norbauer housing for the HHKB

negative, afaik every hhkb type-s (including the current hybrid type-s) has spec’d out the key travel as 3.8mm. it’s one of the main reasons why i never cared to try one.

sweats profusely

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I have two HHKB Professional 2 Type-S (each remapped via a Hasu controller, USB-only and USB-Bluetoth, respectively). For me, being able to remap the keyboard layout and a silenced typing experience are of paramount importance.

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I am so stoked for this.
I’ve done sound-test videos at different stages of my HHKB mod build and I can’t wait to do the same for this.
I’ll probably test this with normal sliders, purple sliders, and maybe one with dampening foam inside.


I can’t believe I stumbled on this, this would be a dream come true


I was looking into getting the hhkb 3 hybrid with the European release around the corner. A bit unfortunate that there will be no support for the hybrid variant. It would be a flex desk kind of thing for me.

Will there be an Europe friendly shipping option like the norbaforce?

As for creating people’s dream keyboard… If anyone is building a wireless ergodox-like keyboard with norba case and topre switches… Let me know!

A heavy metal housing isn’t optimal for this application; I recommend sticking with the stock ABS for a light, portable, battery-powered keyboard.

I prefer to build relationships with my clients directly so that I can help sort out any issues with delivery, etc., which is why I don’t use proxies, but I do now offer a pre-paid customs and duties option so you don’t have have to sort those details out on your side, which usually results in fewer headaches and delivery delays for international clients.


I am in for the GB, so when is it LordBauer?


I’m waiting on the first-article sample plates from the injection molding company, currently anticipated middle of July, because I would like to post an authentic typing test video before offering these. In the meantime, I’m getting other stuff finished up like the studio photography, etc., so I’ll be ready to go as soon as possible after I have the plates. :slight_smile:



As someone who loved the heck out of your Heavy-6, would it be possible to sell the plates separately so that we can purchase extras/contrasting color combos for backup use as a just-in-case?

Also, hoping Retro Refrigerator makes it for both this and the Heavy-9 this year!


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From now on we shall refer to him as Lord Bauer. This is the way.


haha. omg please no. :sweat_smile:

I’m trying to get used to a HHKB to prepare for this but cannot stand the extremely loud space bar. Will there be anything I can do when swapping into this case to resolve that?

:astonished: The stock sound of the spacebar is actually one of my favorite things about the HHKB. You could always lube both the stabilizers and switch housing, along with using a sheet of sorbothane or shelf liner cut to go up inside the cap.


Ah ok, I will try and see what I can do.

Now about your for sale post…

Is a pink plate still in the works? I really want the white case with pink plate combo.

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Yup! I already paid the color matching fee and am just waiting. :slight_smile:


Veracity Steel or Astrophysical, and I’m in! Gotta match Laser. revs drill