[IC] the Norbaforce Mark II

I’ve found the large number of SKUs on the R2s to be a little confusing, but so far as I can tell having looked at two different models is that they all appear to share the same plate, so it should all be cross-compatible. I still need to do some further investigation though.

I’m in the camp of anodizing or bust. There is a particular reason that aluminum cases appeal to me, and that is the texture and look of anodized metal.

Incidentally, I have a few of the fairly rare Winkeyless models currently up in my shop as extras from the last buy, in the Aperture finish, which wasn’t part of the GB itself.

For reasons of avoiding the logistical issues of SKU proliferation mentioned above, I likely won’t offer WKL again, so would be the last chance to pick one of those up.

OK now I’m sad.

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So sad that there won’t be astrophysical purple again. :disappointed:

That’s actually a major contender for the potential third powder finish option. I consider that a “texture” finish even though it’s really just metallic-flecked but otherwise smooth. Reject rate on that color is non-zero but still much better than something like a gloss Retro.


I have already asked for it in the past but I would like to be sure … can the steel backplate be ordered separately?

KMK Labs.

Yes, my plan is still to do that. I’m still debating whether to join up that with this project or do them separately. I’ve been bugging the PVD shop to finalize a quote for me but they haven’t gotten back to me yet on that particular point.

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Will this case work for the pfu R2s?

Yes, that is one the plates with which I have been testing.

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This looks awesome, would love to see the galaxy console powder on this as well!

Looks great! Any chance there will be an option to add around a 7% incline with out stub legs? I saw mention of a leather-wrapped wood attachment previously. Is this a thing?

It’s something I’ve been working on for some time now as a replacement for risers on all future projects, but it likely won’t be ready in time for the NF MKII, so I’ll likely just include risers. These can, of course, subsequently be replaced with the riser desk mats if I’m able to work out the sourcing/logistics.


uh oh. after the heavy-6 I might have to jump in this one <3. Now I just have to get a realforce :stuck_out_tongue:

Would love to know if you’re investigating the Realforce RGB TKL as well :slight_smile: @norbauer My Norbaforce R1 has Novatouch sliders but I don’t think I can find more for a Realforce R2 whenever it may come. Thus the RGB TKL with stock MX-slider is my preferred option now.

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Wondering the same thing as well! I just wish it came with 55g stock domes instead of the 45

While I do appreciate the anodized options (and I would probably be in for a type III black finish if it were offered), if the pricing of the anodized finishes becomes much closer to the powder coat in order to make up for rejects, I don’t see much point in offering them.

What I would definitely be interested in is a R2-only variation of the case with uniform bezels (if possible).

As much as some anodized colors would be cool to have as an option. If anodizing quality has given you to many headaches in the past. I think a smaller amount finishes and cutting out stressful QC issues of anodizing would be a better option going forward. A Norbaforce Mark II in space station white for my Realforce PFU R2 would be prefect for me.

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I can’t say for sure whether it will be compatible, since I don’t think the RGB/MX ones are for sale in TKL form yet (unless I’m mistaken?). However, given everything I’ve seen from the R2 line so far, I’d venture to guess that they all share the same plate outline. If anybody knows where I can get my hands on one, please let me know.

The idea of a Norbaforce Mark II is partly to make R2 keyboards have the retro feel of the old models but with the newer features (and better availability), so while it might technically be feasible (the breakout board would still need somewhere to go), a “foreheadless” Realforce isn’t part of the scope of this particular project. Assuming that’s what you meant by uniform bezels?

I don’t know about the US but yes it is selling in TKL form where I live ( Vietnam )

Topre doesn’t think 55g is for GAMERZZZ which is what the RGB is for LOL