[IC] the Norbaforce Mark II


I don’t know about the US but yes it is selling in TKL form where I live ( Vietnam )

Topre doesn’t think 55g is for GAMERZZZ which is what the RGB is for LOL


I’ve been frequently tempted to purchase a RF board just to get the Norbaforce case, but I already have the FC980C which I believe you said you wouldn’t be making a case on, so I hope everything goes well with this IC!


I have heard anecdotally that white cerakote is particularly difficult to apply (was talking with the shop that did my Heavy-6 about certakoting processes in geneal) but I would love to also see a black option.

I’m really happy to see you looking to support the newer Realforce keyboards, I absolutely adore Topre in general.


Hi Ryan! Would you add some norbauer logo/accents at the top or bottom?

just like the heavy-6, maybe black and white logo for the royal wrinkle is perfect! :slight_smile:


Interesting question. That wasn’t a part of the original design, but I’ll give some thought to whether a maker’s mark can be added somewhere subtly without being obtrusive or appearing like an after-thought.


Would imagine @norbauer knows more about this than I, so maybe I missing something obvious, but:

They are readily available from amazon and directly from Fujitsu. I bought it from Amazon (before the price drop - I am a chump). This model has MX sliders.

I had three R2s: PFU edition, 30g ANSI, RGB w/ MX. I used the PFU briefly, dome swapped the 30g domes into the RGB and now use the RGB at home (sold other two on GH).

They all appeared to be the same frame and plate to me when I was swapping domes, but I didn’t take any measurements.


Oh, thanks for letting me know about this! I have been looking on the Topre site, and it has shown it as “coming soon” for a long time (and still does). I just ordered one and will confirm compatibility.


Ryan, do you have any info on your plans for the lock lights on the R2 Realforce boards and this enclosure?


Yes: to block that noise. :wink:

They’re surface mount and thus easily covered by the housing, and that’s just as I would have it. :slight_smile:


I second the request if not now then the future for the uniform bezel. I am not a big fan of the big forehead and to be honest folks that buy R2 are not likely a fan as well. Thanks always for all the hard work.


Yes: to block that noise. :wink:

They’re surface mount and thus easily covered by the housing, and that’s just as I would have it. :slight_smile:

Well, I’m in whether I can see the lock lights or not!


I would really love your signature/logo visible on the keyboard! :slight_smile:


Also would like to know if this will fit the newly released Realforce RGB TKL?

I think this would be a hot sell for the RGB TKL for stock MX compatibility :slight_smile:


i had my aerospace cerakoted to “bright white” matte finish. i’ll send photos soon but can confirm that it matches well with the case :smiley:


RGB TKL compatibility would be awesome.


Made an account just to tell you how much I want your portcullis logo on the housing this time!

(And for astrophysical purple)


Can not echo this more or enough. Thank you for what you do for the Topre community.

  1. Must support Realforce RGB TKL.
  2. Do not add logos to your product. The design language should speak for itself. The one thing that I hate is logos ruining a custom board. I can’t stand vanity. I don’t buy suits with logos on the outside. I have nothing to prove.
  3. Offer the finishes that you had to cancel orders for in Round 1 so that buyers can get those (Venice Beach, Retro, and Space Station.) You mentioned offering a Venice Beach that was closer to GMK laser for R2.
  4. Include PVD steel backplate option with factory dampening foam. This should be standard. Add a polished mirror option.
  5. Build risers into the seamless design. Almost nobody uses this board without risers and the seam on the risers defeats the point of a seamless design. It is incongruent.
  6. Fix the USB-C daughterboard to support USB-C to USB-C and make it backwards compatible for R1 owners so they can pick up extras. Also consider integrating Hasu controller.
  7. Offer an all-steel PVD monolith version for the ultimate aficionado.

Of course, I’m nitpicking, but Perfection is hard. I don’t envy you the work ahead. :wink: :frowning:


One thing I’d like to see is for the USB C port to be centered on the back of the case. Additional USB C ports would be nice to have.


Hey boyz, here’s my cerakoted norbaforce. looks like the powder coated one imo. not sure about the texture difference tho