[IC] the Norbaforce Mark II


I use my Norbaforce without risers. I kept the feet folded on the 87U case. I keep the feet folded on my R2 RGB TKL.

Steeper angles cause RSI for me.


If purple is offered again, count me in!

I also want to second the requests to have the different bits that will enable the R2 support to be available separately. Both because it’s nice to have extra’s (just in case) and also because it would be nice to get these benefits for people that got into the first round of Norbaforce kits.

Lastly, I really do prefer the WKL variants, but I get that it complicates things. When the finishes are this spectacular, I like for there to be lots of it to see :slight_smile:


Galaxy Blue is also nice


Do Realforce 8xU boards supported by Norbaforce Mark I have the same plate footprint as Realforce R2 TKLs?

Sorry if this has been indirectly answered previously, I just wanted to ask this for absolute clarity. I want to understand if a Realforce R2 could physically be installed into a Norbaforce from the first round or not.

If so, original Norbaforce owners will benefit from this project a lot as well. They could buy PCBs, SS back plates, and other things from this buy and make their manufacture more economical right? :slight_smile:


Where did you get your board cerakoted and how much did it cost? looks great.


I would love a motorsport yellow Norbaforce.


I’ll most likely buy one of the available color options regardless, but I’d really like some sort of matte dray gray.


Not exactly but with a bit of creative design, I can accommodate both in the Mark II. I’m currently on design iteration and prototype #5 and I’m almost there!

Alas, an R2 can absolutely not be installed in a Norbaforce Mark I, which is a big part of why I’m even doing a Mark II in the first place. :slight_smile:


This isn’t feasible due to the 87U’s plate configuration. The forhead would have to be made even bigger.


An (optional?) steel rear cover plate to increase the overall weight and reduce interior sound transmission without the addition of foam.

If I could ask, how much of a difference would the plate make to the sound, and how would it compare with adding foam? I’ve read that on the Mark I, no foam would result in a bit of a rattle-y noise, would the plate alleviate this?


Then how about a usb port on the left & right side? Having the usb port just on the right side causes me to have the cable wrap around the back which is a bit unsightly.


Sadly, also not feasible due to physical constraints.


any stainless steel black PVD option?


Thx for clarifying Ryan.


When I bought my R2 I was really hoping that the eventual new run of the Norbaforce that Ryan had alluded to would be offering the Aerospace Aluminum finish again. I love the look of the black-on-black keycaps with the anodized silver/grey case. Not sure any of the listed offerings appeal to me as much, but they still look nice.


It might yet still. I’m currently exploring a new sourcing option that might work out to add anodizing back into the mix. They can’t to Type III (hard) anodizing, unfortunately, but it would at least be an option for those who prefer a metallic look. I’ll keep you posted as I know more.


I have two anodized boards from you, mainly due to the lower price. Any idea how ano would compare to powdercoating with your new ano option?


It will likely be similar in price to powder or slightly less expensive, for reasons enumerated above.


I’d like to check if there’ll be Norbaforce for us with full-sized R2?


Not currently planned, but perhaps someday. :slight_smile: