[IC] the Norbaforce Mark II


@norbauer I really wish you would consider a case for the Leopold FC980C!!!


Will the dimensions of mark II be identical to mark I?


I would love a matching 23u case but know that’s probably a pipe dream. Probably a very little demand in an already niche market.


I definitely agree with a Norbauer case for the FC980C!


I think the original Norbaforce is perfect, big forehead and rounded corners included. The new R2 stock case doesn’t do it for me.

I also like the big smooth unornamented metal surfaces of Norbaforce v1. I’d prefer to not have any logos or markings interrupt the case, or maybe they could be out of sight (on the bottom plate?). Love the Norbauer designs, can’t wait to see how this turns out.

  • 1 for FC980c.

Also, keep up with the good work :slight_smile: I’m also interested in grabbing a mark II


Another nod to the fc980c :sunglasses:


@norbauer, did you manage to verify that the R2 RGB TKL w/ Cherry MX sliders is compatible with the Mark II?


Oh, yes. Sorry for not reporting that earlier. Both the RGB and the PFU Realforce R2s have been verified to be compatible.