[IC] the Norbaforce Mark II

One thing I wonder about is the quality of silencing if I go down the RBG TKL route. From the research I’ve done it seems like KBDFans Silence-Xs or KeyClack V2s will never be as good as the purple stem sliders. Decisions, Decisions.

I have big hands and chunky fingers, I can’t really tell much of a difference between my older PFU and the RGB :wink:

Really!? Just in terms of tactility or is there no audible difference either?

The tactility of the RGB is ever slightly less, given the weighting is at 45gr +/-15gr, on the non RGB it is 55gr. Unless I do a direct side by side comparison, I can’t really tell much of a difference. Personally, for me the convenience of being able to swap effortlessly any cherry-mx style keycap supersedes that extra tactility difference. Sound wise they sound very similar. The best sounding for me is the Leopold 600C with the heavy6, but then again, I missed out on both Norbaforce and Norbatouch, so I can only make a comparison with what I have available.

Upon further research I realized BKE Light Domes aren’t compatible with the RealForce RGB, which means I’ll be going for the PFU.

Thanks for the help everybody! Can’t wait for this GB to begin!

Can’t wait for this :slight_smile: I just bought a Realforce RGB TKL in anticipation for this. I also bought the Deskeys RGB compatible silencing rings! Definitely in for this one. Thoroughly pleased with how heavy-6 went <3

Thanks! I’m still hoping to be able to launch the group buy in the coming few weeks. :slight_smile:


Perfect timing; I’ll be done with alimony by then! LOL!