[IC] YKH33 - Steampunk style 33% with Polycarbonate

Hello everyone,

We are DGX_Team from Vietnam and we would like to introduce to you a YKH33, a 33% steampunk Mechanical Keyboard project.

I can add more than 1 img and link too T-T. Please find us on imgur with keyword: YHK33

Motivating and Original Ideas

  • I personally like Steampunk and Retro so I decided to show all the ingredients on PCB.
  • From ideas of everyone can assemble it, We chose to use Teensy and Pro-Micro and Fully QMK keymap. Further more, it will decrease end - product cost.
  • Depending on personal hobby, we design a non-cover case / Half-Case / Full-Case.
  • We had added Switch pillar to make it stable while typing :).

Finished products:

  • 11x3 Layout and First Column can use keycap 1.25u
  • MX Cherry Switch and support ALPS
  • Compatible with Teensy and Pro-Micro
  • Fully QMK Keymap
  • All components are brought up on the circuit.
  • 18 SMD Led for everyone :wink:
  • Two Encoder Rotary.

Chagelog / Bug Fix
Ver 2.0:

Ver 1.1: Ready to run GB or In-Stock

  • Fix wrong Rotary wire
  • Fix Pro-Micro problem

Ver 1.0:

  • Wrong wire Encoder rotary ==> Fixxed
  • Wrong pin for Pro Micro ==> Wire it to use - Fixxed

Expected price:
1. PCB

  • PCB without Teensy / Rotary / Diodes and Resistor: $ 35
  • Teensy + Encoder (We have only Teensy): $ 10
  • Diodes and Resitor: $ 5
  • Led 5050 (20 pieces): $ 8

2. Case: We will share CAD file for you when you get PCB :). If you want us make it so there are a price :).

  • Bottom Polycarbonate with Srew and Stand-off: $ 11
  • Half-Case (Bot, Case and 5mm) Polycarboante - No switch-cover with Screw and Stand-off: $ 30
  • Full Casse Polycarbonate with Switch-cover with Screw and Stand-off: $ 35
    Repeat: We will share CAD files so you guy can make it yourself :).

Hope to hear from everyone before running next week :).
More image in imgur: DGX - YKH33 photo library


This looks like a smaller Plaid / Ortho Kit! Really nice!
Happy to proxy orders to Europe :slight_smile:

Imagine… if this was a clear PCB :eyes:


This must happen. Make it so.

Yes, please. I’m in.

Thank cijanzen for updrage my account to trusted user :).

I have upload more image as same as photo library on imgur. Thanks!

We don’t have proxy in Europe but we can ship directy there :slight_smile:

Woah I was just looking at through hole kits and this looks right down my alley. It looks really cool. Would this work with the QMK Proton C?

I didn’t read datasheet of Proton C yet now but if it build on Pro-Micro it may work ;).

To be sure let me check Proton’s pin outs then i will answer you later ;).

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I have update more info about YKH30 (final name of YKH33).