[In-Stock] YKH30 - Keyboard 30% Ortho and supporting multi layout

Hi there,

After a couple week of IC YKH33 (old name) we are ready to launch a final version with name as YKHY30.

The IC Link: [IC] YKH33 - Steampunk style 33% with Polycarbonate

1. Feature of YKH30:

  • Layout 30% Othorlinear - Through Hole
  • Support many layout
  • Plug and play with Teensy
  • Support Promicro and Proton C but you can’t use 2 Rotary at Top-Left
  • Support Cherry MX and Alps
  • Fully QMK Keymap
  • 2 Top-Left Rotary is can be use for: Volume and Brightness or anything else with QMK map. The third Rotary which stay near Teensy is use only for change brightness of Backlit Light.
  • 14 SMD Glowing Led

2. Case of YKH30: We will share CAD file when you get PCB :).

  • (1) Bottom and PCB Cover Polycarbonate (Clear or Sand Blasted) with Srew and Stand-off
  • (2) Plate (Universal or Fixed Layout) PC (Clear or SB)
  • (3) Top Switch Cover PC (Clear or SB):

3. Cost of YKH30
PCB and compoments:

  • PCB: $35 (include 35 dioes + 45 Resitor + 3 Rotary)
  • Teensy: $11

Case: Repeat we will share cad file and there are a cost if we make it:

  • (1) Bottom and PCB Cover Polycarbonate (Clear or Sand Blasted) with Srew and Stand-off: $ 11
  • (2) Plate (Universal or Fixed Layout) PC (Clear or SB): $10
  • (3) Top Switch Cover PC (Clear or SB): $10
  • Example of Calculating: Full case will price: (1) + (2) + (3)= $31

*Assembly: $15
*Switch: depend on switch you choose
*Led: depend on led you choose


  • Shipping fee: $30 (From VN)
    *Paypal Fee: Free

4. Estimated Shipping

  • Perfomance daytime (if out of stocks): 10 - 15 days
  • Shipping: 25 - 30 days (i have no idea why it take so long for shipping oversea)

We don’t create order form so if you want to order please email or chat with us via Facebook:
Email 1: tamdht@gmail.com
Email 2: contact.dgxteam@gmail.com
Fanpage: Facebook

Imgur Album:
YKH30: https://imgur.com/gallery/luS35w0

YKH33 Ver1.0: https://imgur.com/gallery/32cVvhJ