IMK Corne GB round 2

I picked up 3 of these in the first round, and they have become my favorite keyboard cases (sorry, Pearl). If you missed out on the first round, now’s your chance!

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Thanks for the heads up, and for the beautiful pictures of your boards! Out of interest - what convinced you so thoroughly in the first round to pick up 3 of them? Had you tried and liked split ortholinear keyboards prior, so knew it was a good fit for you?

It looks like you are using EliteCs in your boards. Have you been happy with them, and do you have any opinion on the current Arduino/EliteC/nice!nano options? Any interesting layout tweaks you’ve made?

Again, thanks for sharing your setups! :smiley:

Yeah, I had switched my main keyboard to a Corne already, but using the PCB plate case, and I loved the layout but was pretty disappointed in the plates as a case. The IMK looks great, and I’m a sucker for unibody aluminum.

I like the Elite C better than the stock Pro Micro, that’s for damn sure. Haven’t tried the nice!nano yet, but I ordered two of them this morning along with some of the new Corne v3 PCBs (planning to upgrade all three of my IMKs to the new PCBs, and one will go fully wireless).

As far as layout… I pushed a branch including my Corne layout to GitHub but I haven’t bothered trying to get it merged upstream or anything. Feel free to check out the keymap files in that branch, though!