Interesting Finds & Heads-Ups

I think that board is well over 8kg in pure aluminum. Too heavy for me.

Besides, I wasn’t impressed with Texas Instrument’s original when it was first announced so no nostalgia to tap.


Knight Stabs at NovelKeys - time to give these a try. That’s one of two off my list for now…


Ha! Just after I arranged my Swagkey delivery plus: Swagkey to Korean address (awesomely fast) - Korean friend returns home - hand delivery to me upon return in October.


Apparently, guaranteed opportunity to buy, according to

“While GMK CYL Rubrehose Base Kits are limited, the Jane / Kohaku are not so every customer is guaranteed to be able to purchase one later”


You can get Geoma kits from SP directly for $20 cheaper than Vala. Of course, Vala will probably run a sale on kits at some point, as they typically do every month or so.

Not everyone is a fan of uniform R3 SA keycaps, but I do like them on some boards.


Wooting now has a 80% board for those of you who like the HE sensor and it’s switch options

$170 for the “barebones” kit (no switches or keycaps)

Their plastic case looks pretty nice, especailly the dark semi-opaque version. You can also upgrade to a zinc alloy case in either black or white.

I like the Gateron Magnetic Jade switches. I’m typing on them at the moment. :blush:

I would personally prefer the extra 1 inch in added with for a standard TKL so that I have Home/End PgUp/PgDn and Delete all at a single press. :man_shrugging: But the form factor does look nice. I suppose you could map the top right Pause to be Delete and then put Home/End PgUp/PgDn in their normal spot.

Their software is very good. It’s far and beyond any other OEM utility I’ve ever used.


Valasupply has their HSA sets for 30% off today. Not as good as the 40% last month, but I thought I would post. If you like the aesthetic and are thinking about buying, this is a good deal to get in on. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in the feel of the sculpt which is rather familiar in feel and easy to type on.


In other HSA news, KBDFans has two HSA colorways I haven’t seen before.

HSA Eccentric:

and HSA Rouge:


Nice! I don’t order from KBDFans anymore, but I look forward to these showing up from other vendors down the road. Eccentric looks nice


I like Eccentric a lot. I haven’t had any issues with them as a vendor, but the shipping cost definitely puts a damper on the pricing. I’ll probably wait for Vala to have a sale on them.

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Flash sale on TFUE Silks, which are Silk Yellow re-colors. Nothing mind-blowing, but a good pre-lubed switch for the price. Standard modern JWK linear with 205g0 from the factory.


Not keyboard related, but too spectacular not to share, grainy photos and all.

The (actual) Aurora, visible to the naked eye from right here in my back yard… which is nowhere near either pole, in case you were wondering. I’m in a semi-rural area in Tennessee, but even my friends in the middle of Nashville can see it. If you’re reading this before sunrise of May 11th (and in North America, I guess?), go outside!

Edit - more information here - possibly also visible the next couple nights


I’m pretty comfortably within the “not viewable” area in middle-Tennessee, but I can def see it :man_shrugging:


Same, man. Good night to have the heated pool with rgb lights!

I’m 47 and I’ve never seen them in my life. Glad I got a chance even here in Tennessee


This is all wonderful, of course.
But you should have also written what radiance is because.
The biggest solar flare in 20 years.
How are you feeling??))


Feeling fine! :radioactive::melting_face:


Haven’t felt this charged since 2005 :boom::boom:


It’s been extremely overcast every night here in Maryland and I can’t see even a hint of the northern lights. Very disappointing but it’s awesome you were able to see them so far south!

View from my front porch in the western NC mountains Saturday night/Sunday moring.


I feel like not getting to see the aurora is my karmic debt for getting a minute of eclipse totality without leaving my house. I love seeing these pics, though.


We drove 6 hours west for the eclipse but had a really good time. Southern Indiana is a pretty place and the people were very nice.