Introducing the NovelKeys' Cream Switch


Officially Introducing the NovelKeys’ Cream Switch

  • All POM Housing (made with DuPont POM Plastics)
  • Support for switch top opening
  • PCB Mount Bottom
  • Linear
  • 4mm travel. 2mm actuation
  • Actuation - 55g | Bottom out - 70g
  • Force Curve
  • Retail - .65/switch
  • Coming soon for preorder. No ETA yet. Will be announced soon.
  • Preorder price will be discounted.


  • Why POM Housing?
  • POM is sometimes referred to as self lubricating. It is a super smooth plastic and would be the smoothest plastic in switches. Basically, I wanted to get a switch that is as smooth as possible.
  • Is this a Panda clone?
  • No. It doesnt really effect tactility
  • Can I make modded switches with these?
  • Yes and no. I tested out numerous stems into the housing and they all worked fine. However, trying to place a Cherry top housing on the Cream bottom housing did not fit. But, putting a Cream top on a Cherry bottom did fit.
  • Will POM melt when soldering?
  • It does have a lower melting point than other plastics, but as long as you take care when soldering you shouldnt have any issues.
  • How does it sound?
  • I made a very bad quality video here. Left is Tealios. Middle is Cream. Right is Cherry Red (retooled).These have DSA keycaps, are in a 3d printed stand, and are on a 4mm deskpad.
  • How do they feel?
  • They feel good. They are super smooth. The spring is just a standard stock spring.
  • Can I have a sample?
  • Sorry, but all samples have already been spoken for. Stay tuned for reviews.
  • Any other details?
  • Switch top holes are a little small right now. I am going to see if we can get them bigger, but currently they do not fit with the switch top tool.


I’m very much looking forward to Quakemz review of these!


I’m now interested in linears for the first time ever


This explains all the ice-cream-cone decorated packing tape I’ve been seeing on all my orders from NovelKeys :smile:

I’m not a linear boi, but I wish all the best success for this switch! I think it’ll be a hit :smiley:


I can already see Creamealio frankenstein switches coming up.


Tangerine stems in these for a creamsicle. Ooh boy.


In any case, POM seems like a natural evolution of a classic switch design.
It’s so logical I don’t understand why nobody did it before. They were making POM stems all the way from the 80’s, but housings themselves are made of nylon. I wonder why.


People need to chill with making so many cool things so close together.


That sound was glorious.

I’m a tactile guy, but I really love that sound. Can’t wait.


Hyped! Would the switches be kailh hot swappable?


I want the Orange Creamsicle thing. Only $1.30 per.

But seriously, POM beige housings are lovely.


Can’t wait to purchase these.


Quakemz approves of this message.


Oh boy, I might replace my vintage blacks with these. :heart_eyes:

Also, someone farted in your sound test video at 0:00:19




Looking forward to get some community reviews on these. Going by the description these could be the go-to linear switch


Could someone enlighten me if these switches would be hot swappable on the Kira keyboard?
As to my understanding from browsing through Geekhack threads, all PCBs are hotswappable on different types of switches (depending on the PCB type), am I missing something?
Much thanks for enlightenment


I believe the kira pcb only accepts plate mount switches for hotswap, not sure why they made this choice. If you want to use the cream switches with it you will have to trim the pcb mount legs; then you should be able to use them without any issues.


Hey thanks for the heads up, trimming is fine w me, much thanks!:slight_smile:


Yeah I was gonna be strong and resist the temptation to spend more money instead of eating but after that video and hearing the sound… Luckily I think kidneys are fetching $15k on the black market right now.