Introduction, first mod, and in need of help

Hello everyone! i’m really new to mechanical keyboard but recently i just finished my first major keyboard mod, here it is

It;s a Daxa M71 Classic, a fairly popular board in Indonesia with Gateron Yellow KS3X47 (over)lubed and filmed, plus sandwich acrylic case plus lubed and holee modded stabs, though it is not perfect, i’m fairly proud of it! What do you guys think?

You guys might notice that the keycaps are skewed and you’re correct, do you guys know what might cause this? because i’m not entirely sure if it’s the switches or the plate, i did went a bit rough when trying to put the switches back to the board and plate.

Any feedback is appreciated :smiley:


Hello and welcome! It looks like an excellent first build! Based on what you’re saying and some quick googling, it looks like this is a hotswap board. Is that correct? If that’s the case, I think the biggest things to first check would be that everything is fully seated. It sounds like some of the switches were maybe a bit difficult to get into the plate and hotswap socket so that may be a contributing factor. Another big thing I’d check is making sure that all of the keycaps are fully seated on the switches themselves. I find that this is more prevalent with newer keycaps and switches - it can take some firm pressure to get them seated all the way when they’re brand new. This is especially true for your stabilized keys (like the spacebar) since there are three points of contact rather than the usual one.

Don’t press on anything with a crazy amount of force but I’ve had these things be problematic in the past. It’s just another part of learning - you’ll figure out what’s right!


Hi there! Yes it is a hotswap board, hmmm… just done some rummaging through my modding tools and i see that i left one of the screw that’s used to screw in the plate and the PCB, could that be a contributing factor? maybe some of the switches are not fully seated because the board is not 100% straight because of the missing screw?

Also one more thing, how long does lubed switches usually last before i had to re-lube them again? since like i said, because this is my first time lubing a lot of the switches are overlubed and although i’m sure through prolonged use the switches lube will wear out overtime, i’d like to know how long does it usually last (especially on the backspace and spacebar since it’s the one that felt the most mushy)

Thanks for your first feedback! i’ll make sure to check the switch/keycaps position.

Wiping the brush on a piece of paper a few times after dipping it in the lube helps prevent over lubing. Copied that from watching someone doing a build stream not sure who it was. But since you are already over lubed you should consider disassembling the worse switches wiping off the lube and try again.

You mentioned backspace and spacebar those are both stab keys. You might want to try swapping a switch to see if it is the switch or stab over lubed (more likely the stabs).

Lube should last a few years.

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i saw the Taeha Types lubing tutorial, i saw that he dipped the brush to the lube and the try to spread it evenly, with one dip of brush, how many switches can i lube with it?

One. If you do 2 the first will have more lube then the second. The paper limits the over lubing. IMO most first couple times over lubing is more likely than not until you get a feel for it.

That’s just my opinion like everything else keyboardy it is all about preferences.

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@Dave has already spoken well to the lubing part so the only other thing I’ll add is that it’s a lot easier to go back and add more than it is to take it off. You’ll get the hang of it.

Coming back to the keycap misalignment, I’m still suspecting that it’s either switch or keycap seating that are contributing factors. If you’re missing a screw between the plate and the PCB, it’s certainly not going to hurt to put that in place but I don’t think it’s going to cause any major alignment issues.

after trying to take off the keycaps to see if it fits well, the misaligned keycaps did pull the switch with it, so i think the problem of it comes from the switches not seated properly, thanks for your feedback


I’m glad you were able to figure it out! Now you can move on to enjoying your new board!


Hippo in all of his tutorials (that I’ve seen thus far) - he uses lube from Kinetic Labs that has a ‘lube palette’ that he spreads the lube out onto (much like Bob Ross with his oil paints) so that when his brush is ready for the switch he’s able to be really consistent with how much product he has on the brush (as opposed to the dipping method)… I’ve not tried this method yet but it makes a lot of sense to do it that way. We will see in practice; I’m wondering in how many ways I’ll manage to muck it up :smiley: