It's the Weekend! Whatchu up to?

Lemme hear about your weekend plans!

I have keyboard content to work on, getting my truck working, and sending out packages.

How about you?




Got a doctor appointment tomorrow morning, then I’m hopefully looking at a nice lazy weekend playing some Shadow of the Tomb Raider! I also gotta get on fixing a miniature train for a buddy of mine that collects them. Unfortunately no KB plans. I’m patiently waiting on the Halo drop, Desk Candy’s XD60 ver. 3.0 PCBs, & a big batch of Outemu Sky switches also from Desk Candy to ship out for my next couple builds.

Hanging out with my new buddy Florence…

Hanging out with my new buddy Florence…

Same here. And waiting on Massdrop to send me a shipping notification for /dev/tty.

Y’all be safe out there … :worried:

Going to decide if I want to switch swap Box Blacks or Zealios into my new FC660M PD, but the MX blacks feel solid as is, so maybe not. Going to order parts for clueboard or other FC660 layout project. I also need to look at FC660 compatible sets (that extra 2.25u shift and whatever size the function key seem to be problematic for some kits). Oh, and people are coming over for dinner Sat night and a new to us refrrig is coming Sunday.

Because it won’t be raining for the first time in a week this weekend, I’m planning on doing a lot of skateboarding. Already had a two hour session last night. Also work on other projects I have, namely PCB stuff.

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Just finished building a Canoe with a carbon fiber plate.

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Just finished working on prepping controllers for ScrabblePad orders. I’ll finish up my daily checkover of emails/messages/threads, little bit of og coil cable work, and then probs hop on some Warframe grind.

I’m also waiting for shipment for that drop. On the other hand at least my two minivans from the re-store drop is on the way.

Got any pics?

Definitely will post something soon!

Cleaning the office and workbench

Over-prepped for a hurricane(at least I got water and nuts now), made my girlfriend in to my fiance(insert special-E), added far too many keyboards to my personal wishlist(it’ll never end), and started drooling over Massdrop collaborating with Koss over the ESP/950(audio also never ends). Also went to the range. That was nice. Still way too hot outside, still very humid, but got to burn through $200 worth of ammo and eat a couple of frozen bananas while doing so. Which is probably the strangest thing they’ve seen in awhile. Also quit meat this past weekend. Going to see how that goes! I’ll probably cave and be eating fish by next weekend, though.

What’s wrong with the truck?

It’s been a birthday weekend for me. My mother turned 65 the other day and my sister is turning 32 today.

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Here’s a potato shot of the Canoe taken with my phone. Keycaps are enjoyPBT and switches are lubed Tealios with Zeal stabs. I’ll have to take a better photo later to do it justice. It types like a dream and the Tealios sound perfecto with the carbon fiber plate!



Just had to do some scrubbing this weekend fortunately. Nothing too serious