It's the Weekend! Whatchu up to?


Blue raspberry flavored??


Mountain Dew Baja Blast


This is accurate; I licked it to confirm


We back here 'cause it’s the weekend again!

Gonna be working on that CA66 review, sending out a plethora of emails and information for the upcoming Bay Area meetup, and working on some other keyboard chores! I’m hoping to rebuild my VE.A clone with my exclusive gats (after I lube them).

How about the rest of y’all? Any exciting weekend plans?


Still waiting for my /dev/tty R2 and epbt BoW :pensive:


Keyboard stuff is kinda dead until my 2nd FC660M comes in this coming Wednesday. I’ll probably get my Nikon 7200 out and start learning how to shoot with it. Much more complicated than the D70 I am upgrading from.


Lubing my alps orange


Lube and reassemble HHKB. It’s been sitting disassembled on my spare desk since I finished installing KeyClack v2 rings.



I got like… a keyboard and a half to build, and at least 1 keyboard to wash up and clean in terms of keyboard chores.

I also have to get a texture analyzer working to get y’all some force curve graphs so that’ll be great fun. (Nothing is more fun than finding a copy of windows xp and excel 2003 -_-)

For non keyboard stuff, I’m hoping I can enjoy the cool weather and take my motorcycle up for a quick trip somewhere saturday afternoon or sunday morning. Gotta clean the chain afterwards.

How 'bout you?


gonna get this bread on black ops 4

2xp weekend baby lets gooooooo


Getting out of work at 5 and it being 6 by the time I get to the park makes it almost not even worth it to skate during the week now…


Is it as good as people are saying it is? Or is it good because it’s better than the past 2 COD games?


Gonna build a Daisy40 with lubed Box Burnt oranges, pics soon :eyes:

Already made the layout:


brings me back to mw2


Studying, pumpkin picking with the family and Quake Champions. yay


and pics:

Post Your Keyboards!

Love the look of the Daisy!

Weekend was busy between cub scout volunteering, lunch with the kid, dinner group, haircut, scraping marshmallow off the bottom of my shoes, hauling kid over to friends house for swimming/D&D party, and prepping for work tomorrow.


A great find this weekend


Gsus came in so I’m updating my Clear-minded Bsun board with Holy Gsus which will allow me to compare in-use against my Holy Bsun board with rubber-mod. I think the combo plus mod is nearly indistinguishable from the real thing except in sound. But I can’t recommend the mod at this point because Halo+Bsun combo costs around same as MD HP and pretty tedious to put together.

USEFUL INFO: I can confirm that Gsus switch pins are indeed compatible with Bsun sockets. It should also be compatible with Outemu sockets.

Red stuff in removed Clear-minded Bsun switches are the mentioned rubber mods. The mod wasn’t as effective with MX Clear stem as it was with Halo stem which is why this board is getting the Gsus treatment first.