It's the Weekend! Whatchu up to?

Creating anit super super heroes (suiside squad-esk) for some role playing game with the wife!

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Continue to iterate on The Prototype! :slight_smile:

Play video games, work on perfecting my wrist rests, watch a play (live streamed) with the girlfriend.

Replacing the roof over my kitchen & master bedroom, woo-hoo…:grimacing:


I’ve been cooking for five hours and now we have feasted and went into a food coma. :ok_hand::grin::+1:


Cooking huge meals like that is no picnic either, although the payoff is definitely better than finishing a roof LOL! Glad to hear you had good sat though man! I really can’t complain about mine, sure roofing sucks, but I had a couple friends & my little brother had a couple friends come down to help with the hard stuff today (ripping off the old roof, replacing rotted plywood, getting it papered in, getting the drip edge installed, getting the undercourse on, & knocking out about half of the finish shingles). So not only did we have fun getting a little tipsy from beers & just joking around, we also got a huge dent put in the project. The roof is about 3/4 done now, we lost the sunlight so had to quit there, which make finishing up tomorrow extremely easy for me & my little bro. Can’t ask for a better turn out with such a shitty to do job! :smiley:


Mon-Tues tends to be my weekend - and this time around, aside from fiddling with switches and de-soldering some project boards, I’ll be chipping away at the Witcher 3 expansions :crossed_swords: so I can have the game more or less finished by the time Cyberpunk comes out. :mechanical_arm: :sunglasses: :guitar: