Jae's Build / Test Streams


Tomorrows stream is the Big Giveaway Stream!! (7:30pm UK time, 8:30pm Europe, 2.30pm EST, 11:30am PST)

We’ll be talking Top Clack Co-Host news (spoiler - its me!! :smile: ) , un-boxing the KBD67 for the giveaway and some other new arrivals, then doing some comparisons to some similar boards.

The Giveaway will be run for the following prizes:

1st Place Prize - KBD67 built from a selection of switches I have easily avail
2nd Place Prize - a Big Switch and 3d Printed Case
3rd Place Prize - NovelKeys Deskmat

Rules will be as follows: Twitch Subs get an automatic Entry, anyone active in chat 10 mins or so prior to the giveaway will get an entry, anyone who has donated 1000 bits or more in the past few streams will get an additional entry. This enables you to ‘stack’ up to three entries for the randomised draw. Everything will be shipped before Christmas.

All prizes have been funded via Subs, Donations, Bits and myself - so big shout-out to everyone who has supported my streams over the past few months! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you all and the support you have shown.

I do have a few shows planned prior to the move to TC:

18/11/2018 - Top Clack Talk, Unboxings and GIVEAWAY Stream!!!
25/11/2018 - White TX65 or Giveaway Build
02/12/2018 - White TX65 or Giveaway Build
09/12/2018 - ISO AEK 66